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  1. im a bit bored so i decided to show some more pics of my tanks this is a group of electric blues im growning up to breed along with 3 young male peacocks I'm growing to but in the display. fry tank my tank with a few breeding groups in it. planning to separate them into their own tanks in the future and finally my main display tank. i love this tank some pics of the boys in this tank
  2. got these big boys today thanks to [MENTION=323]fishking[/MENTION] they are awesome fish pics doesn't do em justice as they are taken from my phone venustus fusco polystigma
  3. here is another photo of it its a crappy photo as its taken by a phone and he is in medication as he had fin rot from having his tail nipped but you can see black on his fins
  4. yeah [MENTION=7490]ado_84[/MENTION] we know it a e yellow just discussing the sex and it looks more female will post a better photo when i can
  5. thankyou yeah me either its got a bit of black on the fins that you cant see on it in this pic i think he was hiding his colour cuz this was when he first got released. can they do that ?
  6. here are some new male displays that i got Tropheus duboisi what ever peacock. people like to call them different names huge zebra maingano electric yellow he isnt showing his black in this photo but it does have black fins
  7. yeah i thought she was holding to but shes not i checked. there is a pleco in there but he keeps to himself, hasn't touched a fish and runs away when they get close. what kind of salt ?
  8. i have a labidochromis chisumulae which i separated this cuz she hasn't been looking good she had a lump on her side that has now erupted and overall looks pretty crappy what is it and what can i do?
  9. yes that would be nice will have to wait and see what the male that is changing colour will look like
  10. this is a fish that i got that was labeled johanni he is going through his colour change. sorry for crappy pic i only guessed that the other one was johanni because it wasnt labeled.
  11. awesome thanks [MENTION=237]matt_a[/MENTION] the Copadichromis chrysonotus looks pretty good
  12. ok cool i will be adding more to the list when i find something that i like
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