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  1. The best stuff to use is pond sealer, I use it when making 3D back grounds and shouldn't effect the appearance.
  2. No not at the minute in the middle of moving hopefully they will produce this year.

  3. It has be only been running 4 months and I wont atempt to grow young in their the only way to grow Discus proper is BB and 100% plus water changes for 12 months and lots of good food. Aiming to have around the mid teens of Discus in their atm 5.
  4. Just some quick pictures when I fitted the Co2 Beencees supplied great unit fast delivery and well priced. I will up date the pictures as the work in progrees develops.
  5. Awsome thanks. I will stay away from the larger bottles then.
  6. Thanks all for your replies that has answered alot. I have an account with BOC and was going to share the bottle with my home brew kegs too :-). Once I get it set up I will be monitoring the O2 levels with my D/o meter to make sure they stay up in acceptable %. I know the lights are 10,000 K x 4 1 out of the 4 is a Red White and blue LED i think they are around 180 led per 4' light. For where I want the grown cover I will see may need a LED spot. What difusers work best from what you have seen? Thanks for the feed back so fast.
  7. Hi just after some advice on what sort of systems work best and value for money to keep a large 8 x 2 x 2.5 planted comunity tank. I am currently running a ista disposible on it atm for the intrume till I dicide what will work best. The tank has a sump filter too so would the Co2 be as effective difused directly in the sump? I am running 4 x 4ft LED 10,000k seems to be performing better than the T5 HO 2x twin 3ft fixtures. I am hoping to grow some ground cover plants but unsure wether it will be acheivable being 2.5ft tall? Also have the microbe-lift alive substrate. Any coments more than welcome I haven't spent a lot of time with the planted tanks mostly breeding discus.
  8. I have 60 tanks and over half are Discus I got 10 pairs and 4 lots of young atm. You need to decide what you are trying to acheive 1st. Do you just want them for display? If yes buy adults or close to they are more forgiving than trying to grow young. As for all the buffers and trace I wouldn't waste your money. Discus keep them in water 28 - 30. PH isn't too much of a problem in general I would keep it bellow 8 and above 6. Your filtration is important as well as good food discus need some animal meat so beef heart mix works great for that, PM if your interested in some really good beef heart in blister packs my mate has been making it for 30 years and just recently got the blister machine. Freeze dried black worm is also good and good quality dry granuals work to fill the gaps when growing them. I would aim with a 25% water change at least once or twice a week on a tank around 300 ltrs upwasrd if smaller you need to do more. Rule that is normally followed for stocking levels is 1 discus per 38 liters. Minimum group size 6. I would keep the ratio to 1 to 30ltrs if you don't want to do as many water changes. There are so many varying factors so if you post your size of tank and goals trying to be acheived I can help further.
  9. Very good info and has answered the question I was just about to asked but thought I better look 1st :-). I am about to set up my 8ft x 20" x 30" and just got 12 bags of microbe-lift alive substrate as I have had great results in the past with that, but to fill the whole base 2" thick in that I would need 24 bags!
  10. Scotty I think Richard Tvl Aquairium has or now maybe had a colony of Frontosa's other wise there is 1 other bloke I know of he has got wild caught colony. livefish.com.au do a good job too. For genuine thing it is $$$
  11. I get it on my Ipad in the book shelf.
  12. Seachem flourish Iron is all I add every now and then with ADA substrate.
  13. That is correct The Tech Den, Rod does have a log on and does know about this tread and is fine with this thread. The thread is aimed at the specialty Discus market and not wholesale. If you are after premium A grade Discus Rod is the man.
  14. He has his wholesale Discus (which are still nice but young and pefectly fine and affordable for the general retail market) and his premium A grade if people have taken this the wrong way well. This is inclining on the premium A grade Discus that if they were to be sold in a pet shop they wouldn't move very fast at the price they would have to retail for. This post is for people in the "specialty market" who are Discus lovers who know how to keep and maybe also breeding Discus. It was posted here as Discus of this quality are hard to find here in Aus. If you wish to remove the post go ahead it don't change anything for me. The post isn't set out to take away others income and isn't here for just the general hobbiest that is only intrested in a few Discus. And I did post it in the species specific section targeted at only people intrested in Discus. Maybe that section needs to be further refind?
  15. A big thankyou to Rod Lewis today for letting us come visit his Discus room. If anyone in Australia is looking for top quality and top health in Discus Rod is the man to get hold of. I have been using Rod to supply my Discus for other 6 months now and was highly recomended to me from a good mate. Rod took a while to find but I will never look back now with the Discus I have received and have viewed in his facility. It was almost like being at the discus shows you see on you tube. I have been through a few discus collections and suppliers and never seen such a good range and quality. No Rod isn't paying me to promote I just want to spread the word for people that are looking for top discus. PM me if you wish to know more.
  16. Some good feed back here and good thread too. People are correct when you are into discus you should limit the suppliers and have a good QT procedure in place. For just the hobbiest and display tank purposess that can be a bit unrealistic too. Prazi is a good gental way and better off getting the powder and putting in food. Metro does work well too but I learnt something new today it can build their ammunity and there for later make the Discus harder to treat or untreatable later if other issue arrise. I watch them in my QT for at least 4 weeks now and treat accourdingly. I also grind pumbkin seeds to a powder and add to my beef heart mix as a natural reamady for worms too that is non invasive and possibly at least a slight nutricianal benifit. Prazi and Metro powder is not very expensive if you get it from the right retailer >$20 for enough to last you many years if you only have a couple of tanks.
  17. That tank list looks pretty full to me. How do the oscars go with all that? My oscars will smash anything that falls in their tank.
  18. You can setup a solar charger to keep the battery charged while running the invertor? My self I have a 5 KVA generator hooked up to a change over switch in the metre board. The geni will run for 10 hrs + but I have alot more at stake being in a cyclone region and I have 50+ tanks running with mostly discus so the $$$ aren't cheap if they were to all die.
  19. It is hard all round in any industry lately the cost of living keeps going up and up. I have over 50 tanks set up and have only been serious about getting things breeding in the last 6 months. I will stick with it and and ride the cycles see who stays and who goes and gain the experience on the way and when the supply & demand increases and the people breeding has decreased should hopefully reap the benifits back then. I have what my base price is on things and sure if people offer something silly that is what they will be told and I don't sell it. Someone some day will want it and they will be just a normal honest person willing to pay what it is worth. Where some people go wrong is they say ONO, or offers considered that there is opening them up for stupidity. Put a price on it in a sensible relation to the market and leave it at that.
  20. Wanted to buy Female Adult pigeon SS or clean Pigeon blood. I am in Townsville willing to freight for the right female at the right price.
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