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  1. On the topic of sea monsters, does anyone have any clue what this thing is? My friend found it while walking along the beach. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. .I want to have my 4ft tank on the ground underneath my 5ft tank, like in the space in the stand, but I don't want it sitting on the concrete ground. Does anyone have an idea of what I can put underneath the tank to raise it like 3 inches off the ground? thanks in advance
  3. Current tank is only 5x2x2 but a monster tank will be supplied when it is needed
  4. .G'day due to unfortunate recent events I have a spare tank, and I'm looking for a fish to fill it. I'd like something that grows large, min 45cm+. The most I'm looking at spending is $300. I loved my mangrove jack but I don't think I'm ready for another. Any suggestions?
  5. I woke up this morning to find my poor baby Caesar dying in the tank. I tried my best to save him but after a few hours he passed away at 32cm. Upon inspection it turn out he didn't eat his food from a few days ago (fish fillet) which ended up in the filter and poisoned the water. I'm totally gutted
  6. For some reason the quality goes really bad when I upload the videos, but here is the newest Caesar Vlog.
  7. [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] Shortly after filming that last update the smaller Jack was moved to a new home, for fear of waking up one morning and only having one haha. I still have a community tank which I buy small jacks for every couple of months and sell when they start to pick on the other fish. [MENTION=6988]th3f0rg0t3n[/MENTION] I've always thought the same thing, they live in a nice little community with all kinds of fish, but when in captivity only want to be by themselves haha
  8. It's about time for another Caesar update! He's now 25cm and going well. Spends a lot of the time sooking and hiding under his driftwood though. I'll get a video soon
  9. Well, TED wasn't full of **** after all! I never doubted it, seen weirder things happen before I used to come across some albino BN that I bred that had black spots on their tails and black tips on their dorsal fins. I wish I'd have known how "rare" they were before I sold them. I was only 13 at the time, had no idea what I was doing, But I was surprised I managed to sell them for $130
  10. [MENTION=6988]th3f0rg0t3n[/MENTION] - Yes you're right, I was referring the F1, I shall ask Finn to avoid steering this thread from it's intended purpose haha
  11. Hey guys, I don't wanna sound noob, but what is K1? I also see it referring to frontosa and other cichlids? heh
  12. I'm getting impatient waiting for some pictures though hahaha, I'm coming back twice a day just to check!
  13. I'd say females too, The head is more triangle than square. At 2 and a half years old if they were males they would be bushier than Borat's mustache.
  14. I have a Juvie for sale depending on how far you're willing to travel heh
  15. Looks just like a low quality/hybrid Blue Zebra, maybe an Ice Blue Zebra. aaaaaa dunno!
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