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  1. But then your only planing in to the sand not the soil and when the plants grow through that mesh its going to pull it out woth it when you pull the plants. Gingerbeer is bang on, Aqua soil is a much cleaner more reliable way to go.
  2. its pretty simple, try to get soil with little to no chips / bark, They tend to float. Make sure you cap with sand or fine gravel and plant carefully because pulling plants up can cause a shit storm, it does settle after a while but if you use white or light coloured sand it looks messy.oh and dont stock anything that digs
  3. Moved a few things around, ive still got some blank spots to fill that im starting to get closer to nailing down what i want to put in them.
  4. so! i did a big trim 2 nights ago and i come to the conclusion nearly every plant is in the wrong place The Belem should be in the middle where the Mayaca Fluviatilis is. The Tonina should be where the Rotala sp green is. the Mayaca Fluviatilis should be on the back edge where part of the Belem is. the fare left side i could have used 3 variations of Rotala, the green, Pink and Colorata for a kind of color wheel look around that edge. the mini red should gone where the Hygro is. the Hygro, well i should have got it in a submersed for rather then emersed and then used it on the vertical logs around the top. side note: found a pic of me putting the plants in. you can really see the sense of accomplishment but hey this is a learning curve i guess, the issues with the Belem and Tonina i feel are very rookie mistakes! they are both in areas that are only getting like 70% strength where as the Mayaca is getting the best of the light and i don't feel it needs it. I'm torn, between pulling them all up and doing the shuffle or seeing how it goes as is. The Belem copped a very big hair cut with the hope that the regrowth should be a lot better with the new light so I'm not sure how it will go being moved. The Tonina i really don't think is going to pull though in the place it is. and the Rotala shouldn't be to much of an issue to move but i don't really have enough to fill the gap where i was thinking about putting it so i would probably just put it in to the shrimp rack to hold out. i do feel the Tonina would do 100% better in the better lighting there... maybe i will do that when i get a chance. i had to bin half the Tonina because it died and rotted away the rest i had to half the height because the base was all dead and rotting away. The Erio's & hair grass are all fine, the Hydro Jap Mini is growing out of control in parts and I'm starting to think i should have listened to the voice in the back of my head saying don't put it in it grows to fast and wild. I pulled a bunch out of the left side so the Erio could actually be seen and I'm hopeful they (the Erio's) all start getting the tall growth habit i picked them for soon, damn slow growing Erio's! i should have also dropped the Moss in when i was dry starting. i had envisioned Fissedens growing off the vertical logs and maybe weeping moss of the horizontal logs with a small leafed Anubias or Buce on the top for that aged jungle look.
  5. ill be placing this order in an hour if any one else is keen pm me
  6. So at the end of the day woth the new lights im starting to feel like ive underestimated the prime. The ludwigia mini's new growth, there is heaps because it grows so damn fast! Is looking nice and red. The tank needs a trim again so tomorrow ill be mowing the lawn thining the hydrocotyle, topping and replanting the super red. Im going to trim back the ratty belem and see if the new light fixes its fugly growth issues.
  7. New light isn't what i hoped it would be as far as bright goes but ill see how the plants respond. Ill run the other light as well as this and hopefully it makes the difference
  8. nothing like blasting a business on social media to make you feel better
  9. so update time, the tank now has 8 discus and 2 rams (from @jc12! they look amazing!) . I've picked up a Aqua Illumination AI PRIME HD (big thanks to Age Of Aquariums!) to see if that fixes the growth issues, I feel like there just isn't enough light getting to the plants that are having issues. So ill see how this improves the situation, I'll be putting in on tonight so ill update with pics of how it looks. I've also ordered 10 adolfi corydoras and 30 cardinal tetras so soon it should really look like a fish tank rather then just a plant tank.
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