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  1. 8 X 2 tank with hood & stand

    All now removed from the Owners Yard and no further for sale.
  2. 8 X 2 tank with hood & stand

    On Hold till Saturday 10/11
  3. Selling for a friend next door and looking for offers & happy to get PM's. 8 X 2 Long X either 2'3'' or 2'6" High. Stand and hood need repairs and tank needs a good clean. Tank was drained and put outside under the tarp in the photo. Tank had no leaks. No pump, substrate or lights come with it . There is one lid broken. Pickup Munruben and will need helpers to assist loading. Has been advertised in other sites.
  4. Feeding bristlenose vegetables

    I use Repashy - Morning Wood & it seems to get the fry going and growing in size. Was recommended by born to breed. You can get it on Mail Order & Nat has a Page on Facebook called Nats Fish & also has a web page..
  5. Where did we all go?

    Good to see you back Craigo
  6. I have ones made by A R Us spare but would have to find them but have used round draw knobs and used silastic to glue them onto small lids
  7. Where can I get cheap glass

    Ok mate, Redback still here
  8. Where can I get cheap glass

    Mate I have a heap of 4,3,2 foot glass most of it new and clean but is laminated, there would be at least 6 X 4ft x 500 or 400 and has been used. Some of it was to make up new tanks so there a few flat packs to make tanks. IT IS FREE IF YOU WANT ANY OF IT Am located outside Browns Plains
  9. Auction this weekend

    A buyers night again.
  10. Graeme ,

    Could you please put up the current set of rules for the auctions

    Barry Kerr

    1. xysti53


      I just tried to change the times on the Auction Dates post and it appears I no longer have admin rights so cant change anything.

    2. Munruben1


      Thanks Graeme, problem I had resolved Sat night at the auction after talking to you.


    Good show up of buyers but needed a few more sellers, think these markets are a good move by Qld Cichlid Group.