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  1. Still around & moving closer to you soon (Kirra). Borntobread will keep you entertained lol.
  2. Sent a PM with last home & mobile numbers I have
  3. I agree with tdj5 have used the bunnings racks, 1800 L X 600 D X 1800 H with 16mm ply and then foam sheets.
  4. You can get it from electrical wholesalers / suppliers and it is called defuser sheeting. Pity you were not in QLD as I have several full sheets never used.
  5. Are any of them Market Days or all auctions
  6. Check valve on airline near each filter & I had those bits in the photos I put up & should mentioned they were free to pickup. Hope it works for you now.
  7. You could use the piece in the photos below, the open end is 20mm and you could put it in hot water and then push it onto your pump. There are 35 holes for 4mm hose & you just plug the ones you do not want with silicone. Another option is the piece with the clips on it. 19mm poly will fit in one end and warm the other end up to push onto pump and either use the clips on it or use proper radiator clamps
  8. I set up my air lines using I think it was 20mm clear hose which was running off LP100 or larger air pumps. Hose hooked onto pump with radiator clamp and using black polly 90 deg bends or ends which were secured using zip ties rather then the black polly clips, I thought less air would escape. Used 4mm irrigation barbs pushed into the plastic hose and they gave a good seal also, there are 2 types of barbs , one with a sharp ends and one with just push points. Used a pair of pointy nose pliers to get the barbs through the hose. Used standard 4mm air line just pushed onto the barbs and then airlines into sponge filters and used airline control valves . If interested I have attached a photo of airline fittings I would sell and there are more around I would top up the box.
  9. Daz I think it is this weekend at Springwood but not sure who is running it or if it was posted on Facebook.
  10. Great post if you are still living in 2018, there was an auction same location 13th April 2019.
  11. What is everybody taking to sell & wanting to buy
  12. An initial look shows flat packs as follows 3 X 640 X 360 1 X 900 X 450 I expect there will be more that do not have masking tape around the packs. Starting today both sheds will be cleaned out of 20 years of surplus fishing keeping and some put up for sale or trade or dumped. Most of it will be sump pump bits and 25mm, 19mm & 13m,m poly fittings.
  13. Still away , so will check tomorrow
  14. Will have a look later and let you know later today.
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