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  1. Feeding bristlenose vegetables

    I use Repashy - Morning Wood & it seems to get the fry going and growing in size. Was recommended by born to breed. You can get it on Mail Order & Nat has a Page on Facebook called Nats Fish & also has a web page..
  2. Where did we all go?

    Good to see you back Craigo
  3. Subbstrate Gravels Lot #2

    John have PM'd you
  4. Cichlid & Catfish Books

    John PM'd you back
  5. Photos 1 & 2 Mixed color gravel- 24Kgs $24 or $1 per kg (131kg & 11Kgs) Photo 3 off white gravell - 17Kg $15 Photo 4 3 buckets of gravel - 45 kg (15, 16 & 14Kgs) $45 Photo 5 & 6 Fine gravel - 26kgs $25 Buckets go with the gravel
  6. Photos 1 & 2 Very fine sand - 24Kgs $20 or $1 per kg (11kg & 13Kgs) Photo 3 Larger stone in gravel - 9.7Kg $10 Photo 4 Smaller Stone in gravel - 10.8Kg $10 Photo 5 Quartz chip - 3Kgs $4 Photo 6 Very white gravel - 6Kgs $6 Buckets go with the gravel
  7. Buy the lot $30 The cichlid Aquarium by Dr Paul V Loiselle $5 A Fishkeepers Guide to African Cichlids by Dr Paul V Loiselle $5 Catfishes by Lee Finley $5 Success with Cichlids from Lakes Malawi & Tanganyika by Sabine Melke $5 Back to Nature Guide to Malawi Cichlids – Ad Konings $10 Back to Nature Aquarium Guide by Kjell Fohrman $10 Pickup Browns Plains / Munruben
  8. 6 Bay Fry / Fighter Tank

  9. 6 Bay Fry / Fighter Tank

    Brett37 got a few ahead of you but will let you know if none of them turn up.
  10. 6 Bay Fry / Fighter Tank

    Yes Daz is a good buy
  11. $50 Tank is 6 bay and is made from laminated glass 6Ft X 2Ft by 8 in, can be put on a sump system or I can put 50mm end caps on each bay, The rear 50mm outlets can be taken off if not going to be used on a sumped system . Poly fiitings can be included ie taps , 13mm poly pipe and joiners / bends. Tank is located south of Park Ridge.
  12. FS Resun LP40 Air Pump

    $65 & has been used to supply to over 30 sponge filters in the past and currently supplying air for 18 sponge filters and will not be disconnected until it is picked up. May consder a smaller pump of good quality and a cash balance either way. Pickup Munruben or Browns Plains. There is a choice or air dividers for the pump.
  13. 2 X 3Ft X 15" wide X 16" high = $20 each Sell the 2 for $30 Tanks washed out and can be picked up anytime ex Munruben
  14. I have ones made by A R Us spare but would have to find them but have used round draw knobs and used silastic to glue them onto small lids
  15. Where can I get cheap glass

    Ok mate, Redback still here