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  1. Check valve on airline near each filter & I had those bits in the photos I put up & should mentioned they were free to pickup. Hope it works for you now.
  2. You could use the piece in the photos below, the open end is 20mm and you could put it in hot water and then push it onto your pump. There are 35 holes for 4mm hose & you just plug the ones you do not want with silicone. Another option is the piece with the clips on it. 19mm poly will fit in one end and warm the other end up to push onto pump and either use the clips on it or use proper radiator clamps
  3. I set up my air lines using I think it was 20mm clear hose which was running off LP100 or larger air pumps. Hose hooked onto pump with radiator clamp and using black polly 90 deg bends or ends which were secured using zip ties rather then the black polly clips, I thought less air would escape. Used 4mm irrigation barbs pushed into the plastic hose and they gave a good seal also, there are 2 types of barbs , one with a sharp ends and one with just push points. Used a pair of pointy nose pliers to get the barbs through the hose. Used standard 4mm air line just pushed onto the barbs and then airlines into sponge filters and used airline control valves . If interested I have attached a photo of airline fittings I would sell and there are more around I would top up the box.
  4. 13 pieces of slate, to get an idea of them front right piece is 370 X 290, front right piece is 360 X 260 & in the next row right side 390 X 430 and next to it 350 X 210. Will sell as a package or single piece. Just PM me you price / prices or reply here. Pickup Munruben or Browns plains
  5. Garage Sale at 36 Serengetti Drive Munruben Saturday 23rd November starting at 7AM including excess aquarium bits & pieces as detailed below , most items will be "make an offer" Push on poly fittings, 13,19 & 25mm – 90 deg bends , T junctions, inline taps, joiners, end plugs, reducers and clamps. Threaded poly bits –25mm bulkheads and strainers, 90 deg bends, joiners and end plugs 40 & 50mm PVC fittings including 90 & 45 deg bends . 40 & 50mm pressure fittings 2 tanks 760 X 600 X 380 1 tank 760 X 600 X300 Timber stand to suit a 760 X 460 tank 150kgs of substrate – various colours and sizes 240 litre wheelie bin full of gutter guard from sump New nets & foam box of new & 2nd fish bags Breeding caves & fry savers & ornaments 2 X Fluval 200-watt heaters ½ bucket of salt ½ bottle of con Bracing strips for tanks Sump pump fittings & IBC attachments Tank dividers & sump drip tray 240-volt smaller air pumps and 2 D Cell battery air pumps 1 litre of Continuum 7kgs of Tech Den Aquarium Salt
  6. 2 X 200W heaters never been taken out of their box and box states for upto 250 litre tanks asking $25 each.
  7. 3 tanks with bulkheads (1 in the 600 side & 2 in 760 sides) & all have plugs in the bulkheads but can convert them back for sumped systems as per 2nd photo. $40 for the lot with plugs in the bulkhead or $50 with other bits attached for be sumped. Will look at offers. These tanks came off the 2nd shelf of the stand previously posted.
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