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  1. 6CM for $10 each 7CM for $12 each 8CM for $13 each Bags of 1 X 8CM, 2 X 7CM & 2 X 6CM for $45 per Bag Photo shows contents of I mixed bag Smaller sizes also available. Pickup Munruben or Browns Plains Plenty of Albino's L/F to be put up separately also
  2. Munruben1

    queensland cichlid group auction

    What is everybody taking to sell & wanting to buy
  3. 6CM for $10 each or bags of 5 for $40. Smaller sizes also available. Pickup Munruben or Browns Plains Plenty of Albino's L/F to be put up separately also.
  4. Munruben1

    FS Long Fin Common Bristle Nose

    Reply sent John
  5. Munruben1

    Laminated tank

    An initial look shows flat packs as follows 3 X 640 X 360 1 X 900 X 450 I expect there will be more that do not have masking tape around the packs. Starting today both sheds will be cleaned out of 20 years of surplus fishing keeping and some put up for sale or trade or dumped. Most of it will be sump pump bits and 25mm, 19mm & 13m,m poly fittings.
  6. Munruben1

    Laminated tank

    Still away , so will check tomorrow
  7. Munruben1

    Laminated tank

    Will have a look later and let you know later today.
  8. Munruben1

    Laminated tank

    Yes they are
  9. Munruben1

    Laminated tank

    Yes you can, I drill them from both sides to make it better. Have never cut lam glass but have a heap of it to give away as flat packs for new tanks.
  10. Munruben1

    Feeding bristlenose vegetables

    I use Repashy - Morning Wood & it seems to get the fry going and growing in size. Was recommended by born to breed. You can get it on Mail Order & Nat has a Page on Facebook called Nats Fish & also has a web page..
  11. Munruben1

    Where did we all go?

    Good to see you back Craigo
  12. I have ones made by A R Us spare but would have to find them but have used round draw knobs and used silastic to glue them onto small lids
  13. Munruben1

    Where can I get cheap glass

    Ok mate, Redback still here
  14. Munruben1

    Where can I get cheap glass

    Mate I have a heap of 4,3,2 foot glass most of it new and clean but is laminated, there would be at least 6 X 4ft x 500 or 400 and has been used. Some of it was to make up new tanks so there a few flat packs to make tanks. IT IS FREE IF YOU WANT ANY OF IT Am located outside Browns Plains
  15. Munruben1

    Auction this weekend

    A buyers night again.
  16. Graeme ,

    Could you please put up the current set of rules for the auctions

    Barry Kerr

    1. xysti53


      I just tried to change the times on the Auction Dates post and it appears I no longer have admin rights so cant change anything.

    2. Munruben1


      Thanks Graeme, problem I had resolved Sat night at the auction after talking to you.

  17. Munruben1


    Good show up of buyers but needed a few more sellers, think these markets are a good move by Qld Cichlid Group.
  18. Munruben1


    Bringing to market day Cichlid Books Big sheet of Jap Mat Bags of Filters material (3metres X 1 metre X 45mm) 13, 19 & 25mm poly fittings including some white pressure fittings Humpheads Lithobates Larger bits of red rock & liver stone Tank ornaments 2 X small tanks
  19. Munruben1

    Aquarium Market Day 22nd July

    What are people bringing to sell & what do people want to buy.
  20. Munruben1

    QLDAF need to change this

    Have you tried to put your cursor on the Activity icon in blue then click on all activity on the next line that brings up current posts but it shows every reply as a separate post rather then one with all replies under it.
  21. Munruben1

    Albino Humpheads

    Daz I thought your style was like you coffee hot and black