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    Munruben1 got a reaction from johnbetta in Aquarium Bits & Pieces   
    2 X Fluval Tronic 200w heaters (still in their boxes) $20 each or buy the 2 & get a 300 watt AL220L used heater free
    3 X Marina battery air pumps $5 each
    1 X 35mm diamond core drill bit and templates (good size to use for 25mm bulkheads) $5
    2 X 25mm bulkheads and 8 various strainers $20
    1 X  gravel cleaner still in bag $5
    4 X air splitters  $!0 
    1 X bag of ceramic noodles  and 35 bio cubes $10 (SOLD)
    1 X filter bag (pre filter or media) $5
    Pick up Munruben or Browns Plains

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    Munruben1 got a reaction from chazycraig in airline piping for large air pumps.   
    I set up my air lines using I think it was 20mm clear hose which was running off LP100 or larger air pumps. 
    Hose hooked onto pump with radiator clamp and using black polly 90 deg  bends or ends which were secured using zip ties rather then the black polly clips, I thought less air would escape.
    Used 4mm irrigation barbs pushed into the plastic hose and they gave a good seal also, there are 2 types of barbs , one with a sharp ends and one with just push points. Used a pair of pointy nose pliers to get the barbs through the hose.
    Used standard 4mm air line just pushed onto the barbs and then airlines into sponge filters and used  airline control valves .
    If interested I have attached a photo of airline fittings I would sell and there are more around I would top up the box.  

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    Munruben1 reacted to aquaholic99 in Air line ring main   
    Scott, a ring line is definitely better. It ensures even pressure to all 4mm airline which reduces fiddling and constantly adjusting air valves. The even pressure is also easier on air pump if you have a diaphragm pump. If you use a wide diameter rigid line (50mm PVC pipe) his acts like a pressure tank which can be good for larger setups although I personally use 19mm or 25mm polypipe if less than 150 tanks but wirh polypipe, I don't use a main ring, rather  multiple joined ring lines above each tank tier. This lets me use the same length 4mm airline tube everywhere so much easier to set up / hot swap or skip using air valves altogether  (if all tanks have same water depth ).
    I also use 2 air pumps on the same ring for redundancy. If one air pump fails, air is still provided to all tanks but with noticibly less volume. I try to keep all air pumps the same make & model to reduce spare parts and easier to swap out. The air pumps are on a dedicated electrical circuit which is backed up.  I stick all my pumps high up out of the way to avoid any back flow as even a little water in the line changes air distribution dramatically. 
    Also with air pump, don't have any constriction or elbow in the hose to air ring. Increasing diameter or if a corner is needed then use a Tee piece (increase diameter). Use a flexible air hose if possible to reduce vibration and noise. Diaphragm air pumps are high volume - low pressure which is good for less noise and electrical consumption.
    If you have a blower, the ring main is still better for ease of use but if you have good air valves, the ring main isn't as necessary. Blowers are high volume - high pressure pumps. Noisy, hot and expensive to run but great if you have 1.5 - 2m deep tanks or 500 - 1000 tanks. I'd still have a spare (second one) available though. 
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    Munruben1 reacted to DFishkeeper in Cichlid Food - NLS Issues   
    I used NLS for many years with good results with my malawis, but as I have only barebottom tanks in my fishroom, it was very noticeable that it did leave a lot of waste on the tank bottoms and I seemed to be constantly changing the dacron in my sump and cleaning clogged sponge filters. 
    A few years ago now I switched to the sinking Colour Advance pellets supplied by Nigel Rattenbury at Fish Keepers Choice. There has been no noticeable difference in the results with my fish, they eat the pellets readily, and there has been a significant decline in waste on the tank bottoms and in my filters. And it is quite a bit cheaper than NLS. Win/win for me
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    Munruben1 got a reaction from johnbetta in Laminated tank   
    Yes you can, I drill them from both sides to make it better.
    Have never cut lam glass but have a heap of it to give away as flat packs for new tanks.
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    Munruben1 got a reaction from borntobreed in Feeding bristlenose vegetables   
    I use Repashy - Morning Wood & it seems to get the fry going and growing in size. Was recommended by born to breed.
    You can get it on Mail Order & Nat has a  Page on Facebook called Nats Fish & also has a web page..
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    Munruben1 got a reaction from Craigo in Where did we all go?   
    Good to see you back Craigo
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    Munruben1 reacted to borntobreed in Dying fish new tank   
    Still amazes me to this day that customers buying and setting up new tanks are not sold a basic ammonia/nitrite/nitrate test kit as a compulsory purchase with the tank.......
    Or even keeping any fish at all at any stage without one......
    shit that doesnt make sense ,it makes me a bit angry when shit doesnt make any sense....
    it's just dumb
    weird shit
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    Munruben1 reacted to borntobreed in TDS Meter   
    I use a tds meter everyday at work.
    Trust me we have tried a lot of them, and the cheap ones are shit.
    This one is the most reliable that we have found and doesnt go out of calibration frequently.
    Hope whatever you require it for justifies the cost though....

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    Munruben1 reacted to gingerbeer in Q.F.A.S. Super Auctions.   
    Once they are official I have little doubt they will be shared here.  
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    Munruben1 reacted to billfish in QAH AUCTION this Saturday 3rd February   
    This probably should have been in announcements section.......thats where most of us would be looking
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    Munruben1 reacted to borntobreed in Any other good forums?   
    Pornhub is pretty good
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    Munruben1 reacted to gingerbeer in Auction this weekend   
    You don’t realise what we stand to lose until it is gone.  
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    Munruben1 reacted to tutters187 in Auction this weekend   
    7 sellers and lots of bargains - even did PASS INS which hasn't been done for EVER.
    Royal whiptail females 15cm+ $20ea!!! 
    Longfin bristlenose $5ea!!
    So many bargains and all done by 8.30pm

    If you don't go to auctions you really need to!!
    All auctions are organised and put on by varying clubs QLD, the clubs have monthly meetings and are a great way to pick up insider tips for spawning and keeping difficult species in the hobby - if you consider yourself a true hobbyist join a club!!
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    Munruben1 reacted to spongebob in Is The Hobby in trouble?   
    def the power and water and thats caused the decline of the hobbyist shops along with the big 2 tying up the corporates with guppies and goldfish
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    Munruben1 reacted to borntobreed in Aquarium Market Day 22nd July   
    How many Viagoro's do i get for my gold coin ?
    Just wondering if this Viagoro Hall is cheaper than Chemist Warehouse tis all.
    P.S. Nevvy might know ....
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    Munruben1 reacted to borntobreed in A New Day, A New Thought   
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    Munruben1 reacted to xysti53 in QCG MARKET DAY   
    Ipswich Vigoro Club Hall (Far End) of Joyce Street,
    East Ipswich
    10.00AM TO 2.00PM
    So who is going?
    I will have a table with Anbius, Java Fern, Crested Java Fern and other aquatic plants.
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    Munruben1 reacted to borntobreed in Thought of the day   
    Here is a friendly idea.
    This is something that is missing.
    And if you stoopid mods move this to off topic, ewes are just plain dumb.

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    Munruben1 reacted to DFishkeeper in QLDAF need to change this   
    You could bring back the breeders register. It was a good way for a breeder to build up a profile over time including feedback from other forum members.
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    Munruben1 reacted to borntobreed in All Mods Sacked - Well kindof.   
    Yer bring mad back, need his humour back too, crazy ol bastid 
    Mbunamad@  @mbunamad
    @@@@!!!@@@@!!!  Mundingburramad
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    Munruben1 reacted to xysti53 in How was the Auction 8/04/2017?   
    I did not get much but what i got was really good. a pair of Copadichromis borleyi , and couple of chocolate cichlids, some black neon's and lots of very very good plants.
    Hall is massive, about 200 seats were set out and they covered about 1/4 of the available space. Plenty of parking and very easy to get to just off the highway.
    Auction was a little late in starting about 5.30pm and finished about 10.30.
    It may have been a buyers night, but as a seller everything I put in the auction sold.
    And I got almost double the reserve on everything so as far as I was concerned it was a sellers night as well.
    The next Q.F.A.S. auction is tentatively book for November 16th also at Springwood Road State School.
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    Munruben1 got a reaction from johnbetta in Todays Fish auction   
    Saturday  8TH APRIL  CONFIRMED
    Fish in at 3.30pm TO 6.00pm.
    Auction starts 5.00pm
    Springwood Road State School
    Springwood Road
    This is the same venue where the Market Days were held
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    Munruben1 reacted to raycam01_au in QLDAF Rumours   
    Andy wouldnt be seen dead
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    Munruben1 reacted to mungor in LP60 Help   
    Im also running a worx from AOA and its fantastic so far
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