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  1. Not right away but if you are interested later you get first place.
  2. Yes its pissing me off too. I wanted true to type synspilums, fennies and blackbelts and end up with crosses between which are no use in controlled hybridisation.
  3. Quite right, it ripped a pectoral off my male boucourti and is chasing around a smallish flower horn in the same tank.Leaving my blackbelt hybrids alone.
  4. This fish was bought as a juvenile synspilum. Looks more to be a mix at this stage - 15-16cms.
  5. How come they are not beating the C--p out of each other?
  6. Ohhhh that is nice Lucas. I have something similar in coloration, someone identified her as a purple flame, a FH strain from WA. Not as nice as this though, more beaky. Some parrot characteristics in your fish, interesting. Is that the male you have chosen for her? Very nice too. Come on, give us some more info. Pic of the fish I have below.
  7. Goodo, thats means predictable genetics then?
  8. No suggestions? This little guy had a prominent head flower and full script line when I first got him. Now look.
  9. Thanks Donny. Pity they didn't use a good KK parrot though. A nice big red kok would have been good in the picture.
  10. Yes I think I will, on your advice.
  11. Yes spot on, close to 8cm.
  12. I agree, but a viable compromise would be to have a better idea of parentage at the retail site giving some confidence to enthusiasts. I would have bought out the whole tank to select the better fish if I knew what I was getting for sure as it was I only bought 4. On the flip side however I have bought some real little gems from retailers who have mislabeled CA's. I don't think they were colour fed by the retailer and they had been in the shop for a while so if the breeder/distributer had used colour food the effect would probably have worn off? Interesting point though as I have never colour fed vieja, I don't know why - does it work well? I have a beaut synspilum display fish that might look even better with it.
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