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  1. i've just started cycling my tank & i've notticed lots of little worms appear. there must have been eggs in the gravel. ? what do i do? if they r there when i add fish are the fish gonna die? or eat the worms? the worms genrally rummidge through the gravel & r about a centermeter long. i used rain water to fill my tank i used mary river gravel that i washed thoroughly & some gravel from the last owner of the tank that i rinsed well. any advice is welcome thanks in advance
  2. i live on the sunshine coast hinterland. i used to have some breeding convicts 20 years ago , lots of fun . i'll be setting up a comunity tank soooon. can any 1 tell me what they put in their canister filter & why ? + what you'd recommend. i've looked but can't find any hard info. thanks oh, i'm lovvin' the forum
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