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  1. Looks to be a couple Conspicuous Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus) nice fish
  2. my favourite marine fish would have to be the Achilles tang quite expensive and not for the novice i would suggest a flame angel and some easier to keep tangs like yellows purples or blues they have great colours they will eat most of your algae and if added at the same time should get along fine. mandarins fish are awesome but do feed on copepods that form in larger numbers in the tank over time but you could get lucky and get it on to pallets like mine has
  3. The higher the water temp the less dissolved oxygen will be in the water 24 to 26 is a good range to be at for the health of your tank inhabitants but as was said previously the more dissolved oxygen in the water the more stable the ph will be
  4. joes juice is the best stuff for it
  5. My Dovii was probably the most aggressive fish I have owned Peacock bass can also be quite aggressive
  6. By lifting the pipe up on the side should increase the level of water in the skimmer It will take about a week to start seeing a good amount of skimate so you will have to be patient to find a good level for the water to sit at HTH
  7. Yeah you should probably be looking at between 120-150w Total for a 3ft tank but you may get away with the 72w if your not Keeping any acros or other corals that require high light output
  8. Sounds like camallanus worms nasty little buggers and very difficult to get rid of completely
  9. i have been running a 120w led unit over my 2.5x2x18 tank for about 12 months and have pretty good results i got mine sent over from china it cost me around $350 but that was when the dollar was about $0.85 but now its at $1.04 it should be cheaper or you can buy them from a guy down in Sydney who imports them from china and offers a 2 year warranty mine is made up of 119 1w leds 2 to 1 white and royal blue with 3 separate switches and a timer to set what times each light comes on and off if i was going to buy another one now i would defiantly go with the cree leds much better quality and light output if you are interested in the light i can point you in the right direction to get one ore more depending on your tank size you wont need to go any stronger than 120w unless your tank is deeper than 2ft otherwise its just overkill ive successfully grown both lps and sps under these light =s with good growth ive uploaded a few pics of my tank with both daytime and night time shots hope this helps with your decision to move over to leds thanks matt
  10. I have the same noise coming out of my tank but could never figure out what it was
  11. Saltwater can be stored almost indefinitely as long as it's stored in preferably a sealed drum and kept out of direct light
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