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  1. Thinking of doing a fish pond out of an ibc I've got at home. What kind of filtration would I need if any? Thinking of keeping rainbows maybe some Africans or Americans and some bristlenose cats. Interested to know what fish have worked for others in the past. I'm not doing aquaponics. Just wanting to try other ways of keeping. Thanks guys and any other pointers would be great. Would be in a fairly sunny spot sorry if I sound like a noob but its because I am with this stuff hahaha
  2. So my 5x2x2 is currently stocked with 4 10-15cm frontosa and an 8cm livingstonii. Planning on buying a large frontosa male down the track to give the group a dominant male but apart from that I'm not sure what else to put in with them. I wouldn't mind another species of small tangs but I want to breed the frontosa down the track. Would keeping other fish interfere with breeding? I have some species in mind like black calvus or leleupi but I'm not really sure yet. Any suggestions on what looks good with fronts? Numbers etc? Thanks guys
  3. It's worked for me before. All depends on the fishes temperament. Some are more ill tempered than others so all you can really do is give it a crack (if you're ok with related risks) and watch carefully. Any problems I would pull one out. With festae things go from bad to worse fairly quick
  4. Thanks for the advice savage roo, I like your approach. Nothing is set in stone yet either so I can play around with a few ideas for now
  5. That was supper helpful answered a lot of my questions! Haha ok so only thing I need to know now is would 2 tanks (one for the pair, one for the fry) be a sustainable approach or would I eventually need more tanks? Thanks
  6. Hey guys just wondering about materials etc to successfully breed some peppermint BN's. So hypothetical situation lets say I have a sexually mature pair that are breeders which I've bought from someone else. What do I need ie number of tanks, size of tanks, substrate, ornaments, any relevant materials for raising fry etc to run a successful fry making machine. I know there are some experts out there and I would appreciate all your input as I am completely new to this and looking at giving it a proper go. Thank you
  7. Also now that I think about it another fish I would like to have a go at breeding would be some green horseface (satanoperca leucosticta). Does anyone have experience with these guys? I like them a lot but are they hard to breed/keep
  8. Thanks for the replys I appreciate all the advice. I guess I'm not too fussed by African or American was thinking along the lines of maybe a group of some cool Africans maybe 5 or 6. I'm also not really worried about saving fry right now but it wouldn't take much effort to set up some fry tanks and what not. I've seen a lot of frontosa colonies for sale lately would they be an ok beginner fish or are they more difficult to keep/breed? I know the basics of keeping Africans but I've never kept a species specific aquarium
  9. Hey guys I'm just toying with the idea of turning my 5x2x2 into a breeding tank for cichlids. I have very little experience with breeding and I'm not really sure what I would try and breed. Has anyone got any suggestions as to what would be a good starting species to help me learn the ropes because I can see myself doing some more serious cichlid breeding at some point down the line. Any help or suggestions would also be appreciated. Thanks. Oh and yes I have already bred convicts hahaha
  10. I'm hoping they'll turn out alright. They certainly won't be sharing their tanks with wussy fish
  11. Haha that's funny mine are actually in a 5x2x2 as well. One of the lucky suckers will be going in my 8x2.5x2.5 in a month or two. Are they very aggro with other fish? Are they fairly compatible with natives or cichlids? Because the big tank will be full of other natives and cichlids in the 5'er
  12. Just tried some blood worm I found buried in the freezer and they ate some of that. I'll try a few of those suggestions thanks guys. Haha they aren't agro yet I've only got two but I'm gearing up for it, plus they will be in separate tanks in a few months so I'm hoping they won't have murdered one another by then
  13. Hey guys just wondering what to do about feeding my coal grunters. Do they accept flake at all? They are only a few centimetres long so that's about the only food I can give them but they won't touch it. Any ideas? Will they eat it eventually? Thanks
  14. Like I said I know what they're like, and am prepared to make sacrifices in the future. In my experience jacks don't really display Mach aggression to similar sized fish until the jack itself reaches 30+ cm
  15. It's been a while since I was active on the forum so I thought I better check back in. Since i was last active I lost ,y mangrove for reasons unknown. He just carked it one day for no apparent reason but anyway. His death has motivated me to go bigger and so I've decided to go with a nice big tank around about 8x2.5x2.5 and keep some more australian natives. My current thoughts for the tank is a mangrove jack which is a must for me (yes I do know what they are like and I am prepared to make sacrifices in the future in order to keep it). So mangrove jack, a yellowfin bream, salmon tail catfish, coal grunter and a small group of garfish. These are the fish I have decided on so far. I would be interested to know some thoughts on my proposed stock list and also any suggestions of other fish that might fit in with these species. I haven't even bought the tank yet but will start collecting what I need as of now including fish, filtration, lighting decor and so on so if there are any suggestions as to which products i should get that would be great. Thankyou
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