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  1. not this type of rock, but just been to bestfriends (i think kessils rd) close to mt gravatt shopping centre. there's a nice looking rock for a bargain price of $17 about a foot long and very heavy - part of the rock looks very similar to the edge of the rock you have in the pic. It's worth a look at that price and based on the looks - it'll be a great feature rock.
  2. Aquariumrus meadowbrook
  3. Here's some pics.
  4. If you still need some, i have the back fountain to clean up, about a meter wide of frogbit. Take them but clean up after the mess. Dont want anything for them just need it cleaned up.
  5. Gone.
  6. Still here
  7. Still here.
  8. Had similar issue, i lend a sump pump to a member here as his failed. I accidentally deleted his number and loss my old pms and cant remember who he was. Sad thing the member didnt return nor message me about it.
  9. I have a spare 25cm albino pleco if you want to swap for your liechardti. Ill even add the silver dollars on my ad as im sick and tired of timewaters and no show folks wanting the sd.
  10. I use seachem products just wondering why they support rhino conservation as they can have environmental campaigns on reefs or endangered aquatic life instead. Seems the rhino marketing strategy is an irrelevant campaign for their product.
  11. Theres a rubber seal place in underwood close to petbarn underwood. Bring your old one and they give you an exact replacement. Cost about $5 for a big seal on my eheim 2260. They are open to the public.
  12. Still looking for their new home.
  13. Still looking for their new home.