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  1. try offcuts from koolfoam at randall st slacks creek.
  2. its a group. its altum as i wanted to add those on my tank. cant remember how many. starting bid was $50 and i wasnt sure if its the real deal - thats why i stand up to have a look. too late and it was sold though. i think it may not be the true altum as i would expect it to be more expensive. if its the true ones, i missed out then.
  3. ive got a bag of riccia - my first ever bid. there was an altum angel fish for $50 but it quickly sold, i was about to walk in front to look at it and it was sold the time i stand up.
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  6. other fish that will fit the entrance will be trapped, just release them. you may need to be patient to catch the rummy nose.
  7. i tried those nets use for fishing where you put baits and left them in the tank. i have a colony of filament barbs in a big tank.
  8. one here on gumtree if you're still looking. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kippa-ring/pet-products/betta-fighter-holder/1264618498
  9. just wait on gumtree. i see them every now and then. just need to be patient and if one shows up - buy it before someone takes it.
  10. anybody noticed a decline on fish ads on gumtree? i tried posting a WTB ad but it want to charge me $0.99 for it. before i can sell and post WTB or post FREE items there but now I have to pay.
  11. dont take it personal, but its annoying to see you all the time reviving dying thread. it maybe just me, but just start a original thread if you want to discuss something.
  12. if you can get breadcrates use it and cut the base to size. they are more sturdier than eggcrates.
  13. only seen this plant in person at clayfield aquarium many years ago. very nice and unique.
  14. Did a water change and saw them dancing. Continued for a while and other fish feast on the eggs.
  15. i got my membership to the techden rewards club without any facebook account. thank you.
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