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  1. i got my membership to the techden rewards club without any facebook account. thank you.
  2. have thrown out some amazons growing in my fountain. was a waste of time even giving it away. mine grows outside of water with the small baby plants. ill let you know next time i clean up the fountain.
  3. i have not tried the bunnings brand but have used the same cheaper plastic tiles from discount shops as flooring on my tank. they look nice but dirt builds up under them and you need to clean the tank more often. i dont noticed any negative effect on my fish though. alternatively you can use it as wall decoration.
  4. restricting flow may put pressure on the motor. i would think it'll be better to get a broken and not leaking cannister as your media container and getting a small motor to run water through it. i have done it before - tank intake to dummy cannister and a small motor inside the tank to draw water. this lessens burden on the motor as well as gravity helps with circulation. alternatively, there are some filters that you can adjust flow but not sure how low they go.
  5. would it be the same cannister set up? like replacing just the inlet and outlet with pipes drilled to the tank? i have seen that done. maybe get yourself an eheim 2260 (if it fits in the cabinet) the intake has bigger tubes. if you want to experiment you can have 2x 2260 running in series for better media capacity.
  6. ive used stainless screw with washers in between and a nut.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. got some from nice people from gumtree but will take sometime for them to grow and cover my planter box. should be sorted for now but happy to hear about those rare an collectible specie in case im lucky to come across them.
  9. im cleaning a planter box and need suggestions for succulents - good looking and colourful and if i can afford some fancy ones to hunt. best place also to get them?
  10. Just get a similar size rod from hardware store and cut it to size.
  11. Petbarn capalaba has some about last month i visited. Try to call them first to be sure. A saw some at pet superstore as well so another option for you.
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