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  1. FREE: Frogbit

    Cleaning out two small ponds and will need to get rid of some frogbits. Available for free up to next sunday 24/09 otherwise it'll go the bin. Same rule - you need to clean up your mess afterwards.
  2. Driftwood

    could have been sold. I saw some nice big mangrove roots at $50-$80/pc a few weeks back.
  3. Driftwood

    There's a few in gumtree.
  4. anyone doing microworms

    I can give you some but in slacks creek.
  5. Will swap for a few pcs of silver - redhooks.
  6. Looking for redhooks

    Again looking for redhooks. My new ones and tinfoils were hunted down. Prefer big males and the rays seems to ignore them. Bigger the better.
  7. Looking for redhooks

    Thanks for that yoda and frank, but may have to wait and see how the new hooks and tinfoils go with the tank. Sizewise as well i need something around 25cm otherwise they'll be hunted down and become expensive feeders.
  8. Looking for redhooks

    Still looking.
  9. pm me to discuss. can't contact you since you log in as guest.
  10. Looking for 2-3 mature redhooks.
  11. Lungfish Breeders

    Same thoughts. Might be better to just get other imported exotic than a native fish.
  12. QLDAF need to change this

    And i thought my old posts/threads went to fish heaven.
  13. Filter Drops Output

    This part - colour may differ on the unit. If its not properly fitted it becomes loose and water just cycles in the filter and have less water pumping out or none at all.