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  1. Fs: lot of driftwood

    Forgot about this. Gone.
  2. Fs: lot of driftwood

    Yes still here.
  3. FREE: Frogbit

    need clearing out the frogbits again. if someone needs it, let me know before i throw it out. plan to clean it next weekend.
  4. Big trouble in little filter town

    Just get a similar size rod from hardware store and cut it to size.
  5. Chocolate cichlids

    Petbarn capalaba has some about last month i visited. Try to call them first to be sure. A saw some at pet superstore as well so another option for you.
  6. Not sure if its just me but i smell something fishy here.
  7. FREE: Frogbit

    Need to clean then up again. Free frogbits to anyone that may need. Same rule - clean up your mess after taking the frogbits.
  8. New Years Forum Chain Challenge

    Im interested. Is it fish exclusive or dry goods as well?
  9. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Add me in for 5 pcs for combined shipping.
  10. Fs: lot of driftwood

    Cleaning up and dont need these anymore. Various driftwood pcs that can be used for plecos or to attach anubias or other plants on. After $20. Pick up only.
  11. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    you'll gonna need a bigger pool then.
  12. Heater that has outside temp control

    @jollerYes, i was looking at this but after the convenience of plug and play as i need a spare heater as well. I'm interested on @tdj5 suggestion. Would love to know other folks thoughts on this.
  13. I need suggestions on a good heater with a temp control outside the tank. Digital read out as well. To be used on a 5ft tank.
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