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  1. And i thought my old posts/threads went to fish heaven.
  2. This part - colour may differ on the unit. If its not properly fitted it becomes loose and water just cycles in the filter and have less water pumping out or none at all.
  3. If the impeller is good, and motor still runs, the next prob is the small connector inside that leads to the output pipe. You need to make sure that all parts line up. Its hard to explain but its the middle piece when you take out the top cover.
  4. What pro3 is it?
  5. Agree
  6. Saw some of this chola wood on petsuperstore stafford a few months back. They were on the reptile section. Maybe give them a call and check.
  7. Still here. Preparing this for a breeding project but changed mind. Will be a good addition to a community display tank or breeding project.
  8. I have a female senegal 20+cm to swap with some redhooks, bushfish or syno angelicus. Let me know what you have.
  9. If you still need acrylic, try bb glass in slack creek. I bought my tank trim from them and the cheapest i can find during that time. They cut to size as well. Better ring them for a qoute. Theres also mr plastic two block from them that builds acrylic displays, he maybe able to sell offcuts. Both are southside though.
  10. Would want them as well but way too expensive for me.
  11. All good for now. Thank you for the offer to help and leads.
  12. Still here. New and have not have water go through it. Good for water change.
  13. Still looking
  14. Gone
  15. It has only one pad fitted, not sure where you can source it, but i saw these same filter from aquariumsrus. They maybe able to source it for you.