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  1. Just noticed this while browsing the DAF website. there is the normal noxious (Schedule 1 of the Biosecurity Act 2014) category and now this Non-native Invasive Ornamental Fish (Section 5 of the Biosecurity Regulations 2016). Anybody familiar with these additions? https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/fisheries/pest-fish/general-information-on-pest-fish sl-2016-0075.pdf act-2014-007.pdf
  2. Tilapia Mariae

    The biosecurity wording states: tilapia (Sarotherodon spp., Oreochromis spp. and Tilapia spp.) other than Oreochromis mossambicus and Tilapia mariae is the "and' exempting the Mariae specie? I read it as it is an exception to the tilapia spp treated as noxious.
  3. WTB: kissing gourami

    will check them out. I need some big ones so likely it'll be a personal sale as shops will only carry the small ones.

    Ill be there for this "something different".
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  6. Looking for big kissing gourami - about 20cm.
  7. I have some mature/big L066, tinfoil, spotted raphael,s and albino bristlenose on a spare tank that I have collected for display that ended up as excess. they are on a spare tank so I'm not sure if they were breeding or not - I just feed them and change water. They are all healthy and I'll provide more details once I get a chance to account how many i have (I know around 4+ specimen each). Will swap for zebra pleco, syno decorus, pimelodous ornatus or other medium/big catfish. PM me if you're interested.
  8. FREE: Frogbit

    Need to clean then up again. Free frogbits to anyone that may need. Same rule - clean up your mess after taking the frogbits. small ponds are about a meter in diameter and full of frogbits.
  9. Need help planning big tank build

    That's very exciting. my tank is approx the same as your project tank size - 2.6 x 1 x .75 (LWH). I have my mature stingray pair - floor space seems just enough. I don't run sump as i don't like the looks (I have an open stand) but have 2x 2180, 2x 2080 and 1x 2260 as my sump. heating is provided by the 2180 (600w I think) and I have a spare 300w eheim inside the tank as back up. For decor, I have fake coral (living color) and a universal rock waterfall sitting at the top of the tank to make it look like a rain forest effect. Would love to see how you progress with this.
  10. WTB: White Buckets with Lids

    Got some new 20 ltr buckets with lid for $5 each. Gumtree loganlea area if someone else needs them.
  11. WTB: White Buckets with Lids

    ok, will dropby bunnings tonight and see what they have.
  12. Need some cheap BIG buckets to keep worms. Similar to the buckets used in transporting fish. Bigger the better.
  13. Hi all from AcrylicFishTank in Melbourne

    Welcome. ATM any cool projects you have there?
  14. Auction this weekend

    Any interesting fish on the auction?
  15. Filtration

    I'll be cleaning my shed and have spare 2215 and 2217 there that I'll be selling.