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  1. Fantastic the picture is upside down:drum:
  2. Hey everyone! I'm looking for suggestions for plants to go in my 2ft tank with sand as the substrate? It's going to be for my new betta and would like some foliage to keep him happy! ATM I have a small Anubis attached to the driftwood but that's about it. Any suggestions on some good hardy plants that don't mind sand? Also the light is a good planted aqaurium light and I'm happy to use ferts. Ideas? Thanks heaps! P.S here's a pic so you know what I'm working with.
  3. Nope filter was running the whole time. See what I mean?! Makes no sense:noidea:
  4. Ammonia in the tap water? Haha brilliant. I will test for that. Alright thanks mate I will get on that first thing tomorrow.
  5. I didn't clean my filter, it's a canister and it was cleaned about a month ago. It was just a case of taking the turtle out and topping up the water. Sorry I should have explained that better, the fish were in there with the turtle, that's why I find it so strange cause I have just taken the turtle out and increased the water level? I've done a water change, dropped the ph and added extra agitation. Thanks for the quick responses.
  6. Today I converted my turtle tank back to a fish only tank. It's been set up as some sort of tank or another for about a year now so it's well and truly cycled. When the turtle was in there it was only about half full and today I topped it up with conditioned water (150L) and about an hour ago I noticed my geos breathing heavily so I checked the water and it was like 2ppm ammonia! Can anyone tell me why this has happened? Cause in my head I thought cause I decreased the bio load and increased the water volume it would be better?
  7. Oh really? ****. What's the best way to deal with that?
  8. Hey everyone just wondering if you have had any experience with blue acara getting koks? Strangely I believe it's the female? Is this possible [ATTACH=CONFIG]41135[/ATTACH[ATTACH=CONFIG]
  9. Today I open my canister to service it and I find a small colony of about 10 shrimp, mixture of yellows and reds living in there, fairly happily it seemed. I have removed them now and rehomed them. Was pretty surprised they could survive in there! Just wondering what critters have you found living in your filters?
  10. Hey guys and gals! Looking for some ideas on some fish to keep in a 2ftx1ft tank. Was setup for some fish that went to another tank. It has sand substrate, would prefer to keep that but can add anything else needed. Any ideas? Already done cherry shrimp tank btw. Thanks:beer:
  11. I have a feeling it is water height, is there anyway of fixing this other then the obvious? I will check the filter baskets when I get home. I think there is air in the filter but I would have no idea how. Nah the turtle gets fed out of the tank and he doesn't really kick stuff around.
  12. Wow its been awhile since Ive posted on here and of course I return with a drama for all you problem solvers:frusty: So recently and fairly unexpectedly my lovely planted tank got turned into a turtle tank Anyway that's where the problems started, the fish and him actually get along really well, they don't even pay attention to each other to be honest which is good. Its my wonderful canister filter that is making be nearly postal! It just wont pump water! I mean its dropped from 1800lph to like 100lph.... Me thinks it has something to do with the fact the tank is now only 2 thirds full of water but Im just really not sure. The canister filter is a otto PF300g and it has always been good till now. Ive pressed the air release valve and after a couple presses no water comes out. Ive taken it apart and put it back together, reprimed it etc. Worked good for afew days then bleh, back to 100lph....I have no idea whats going on:frusty: For the love of christ help! Before the fish, the turtle and the tank find them self hitchhiking to a new home:smash:
  13. Just an update! Finally decided on some new tank mates. Went and got 6 Geophagus sp. 'orange head' today and I'm not going to lie. I love them! Such awesome little (not for long) fish! I realized that the eco complete would have been terrible for earth eaters so I put down a layer of play sand for them. They are already systematically destroying the layering but I don't mind as long as they are enjoying themselves! Pics:
  14. Yeah it's getting there! I really want to get CO2 on it and I really need to get better lighting but time money blahblahblah:bowl: It has cycled well as I used a seeded filter from my old setup, so it didnt take long. I have 6 bolivian rams, 2 peppermint plecos, 10ish neons, 10ish rummy nose and a handful of cherry shrimp. I have had a problem with neon tetra disease but I think it has died out now. Hopefully! Has anyone got any suggestions on stocking ideas? Is there anything slightly larger I can put in there or will it be too much for the rams?
  15. [MENTION=7499]rhysl[/MENTION] [MENTION=10771]MANNY777[/MENTION] [MENTION=10186]mjt90[/MENTION] - Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I want to get some otto's to take care of the algae. I really want to get co2 setup soon, does anybody know the most cost effective method?
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