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  1. 3.5x2x2 (1000x600x600) breeder tank hole for sump no lids, $50 (swaps coral/texas rock) Jimboomba 4280
  2. Looking for taiwan reef colony or juvies, brisbane cheers
  3. 4x2x2 tank sump holes black on back n side $100... 3x2x2 (1000x600x550) sump hole green on 3 sides $50... No lids no holds jimboomba 4280
  4. Thanks mate sold at half the build cost.. SOLD
  5. Looking for 2x cheap 4ft tanks must b drilled, Prefer 4x1.5x1.5 brissie southside..
  6. Quality custom made freshwater tank with built in sump filter... complete runing setup. 5ftx2ft tall tank less than 12 months old perfect cond. Beautifull Custom made stand with black perspex doors trimed in silver alloy. Fully built in 4ft sump filter with sliding lids. Still setup & runing for inspection.. $800.. Firm no holds. (Consider drilled 4ft rack part payment) Msg 0432278177 jimboomba 4280
  7. Ahh no i dont think il b giving u all my details when your in canada (Admin??)
  8. Thought it might b,, never seen one here before..
  9. Been living out near jimboomba on uper logan river for 20 yrs, allways campin/ fishin & takein the kids down (before the###kheads built a weir & wrecked the entire river from there on...... anyways caugh this random today & released it,, never seen before id pls? Bout 4cm
  10. New 5x2.5 setup runing 4ft sump.. wanted something with a bit of character so picked up this wild caught colony of fronnies,, big 40cm male & 2 females,(otheres are in shed).. such a beautiful placid male he just cruises around & loves attention ..
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