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  1. My son picked up these old handled in a reno job, perfect match for the stand i think.
  2. Big reds colours are coming back preety quick after being in holding tank, he hasnt stoped doing laps in the new tank
  3. Finally sorted plumbing, up & runing used all media & water from existing tank.. 75mm deep section of trickle filter at top of sump, 10kg of coral peices, plenty of room for more will add some macropore, marine pure balls etc.. put a ball valve on return line. Trying the no substrate tank this time small blue stone stacks but try keep it looking open.. few things too finish off but preety happy so far
  4. Having flow issues with bulkheads maxing out at top:( , pump emptying sump... ( posted in help section) if anyone could lend some advice plz
  5. Sump & tank on, ready for some plumbing, background. Hopefully up & runing over the w,end
  6. Picked up a new 4ftx450x510 tank, Got a cheap complete 4ft sumped tank setup too refurbish all the bits for my new tank, so far extended & sanded the stand back to give it the "old" new look Will b a display breeding tank.
  7. Picked these 2 guys up today, had some really nice dragon bloods over the yrs thanks to breeders on here but these guys are amazing.. no trick lights just normal white/blue leds.
  8. Is too much too much? New tank is sumped wet/dry (approx300L total) turnover from pump is around x10, Will b heavly stocked, will moving water thru sump that fast give time for bacteria to do there thing? Or change to a slower pump?..
  9. Hi butch, how u going mate its rorie from jimboomba will b keen to come see ya & get some more fish off ya soon..
  10. Hi peoples just sayin hi, been off the forum & out of fish for a few yrs but geting back into it again.. Converted this nice marine tank to a freshwater will b stocking with african cichlids. 700square tank with weir, 50L wet/dry sump.
  11. Any idea on size? Size of ones at a,alive i meant, cheers
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