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  1. African cichlid display males approx 12cm, 2x stunner ob peacocks $30 each 1x sunshine $30, 1x red empress $25, 1x blue auloncara $25, 1x ob d,blood $25, 10x 8/9cm dragonbloods $10 each... no holds Msg 0432278177
  2. 10x dragonblood juvies 6-7cm, Looking mostly male. $25 the lot.... no holds Msg 0432278177
  3. Brissie south side/ g,coast preffered.
  4. Chaseing iceberg electric blue colony or juvies, Southside brissie/ g,coast prefered Msg 0432278177
  5. Large crashed chopper approx 800mm long Realistic looking one, not cheap version. $50 jimboomba 4280, msg 0432278177
  6. Very large pleco close too 40cm, $80 or swaps for small pleco +$50.. Jimboomba 4280 msg 0432278177
  7. My son picked up these old handled in a reno job, perfect match for the stand i think.
  8. Big reds colours are coming back preety quick after being in holding tank, he hasnt stoped doing laps in the new tank
  9. Finally sorted plumbing, up & runing used all media & water from existing tank.. 75mm deep section of trickle filter at top of sump, 10kg of coral peices, plenty of room for more will add some macropore, marine pure balls etc.. put a ball valve on return line. Trying the no substrate tank this time small blue stone stacks but try keep it looking open.. few things too finish off but preety happy so far
  10. Having flow issues with bulkheads maxing out at top:( , pump emptying sump... ( posted in help section) if anyone could lend some advice plz
  11. Sump & tank on, ready for some plumbing, background. Hopefully up & runing over the w,end
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