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  1. albino elec yellows (true red eye) 20x 5-8cm $200, (thats only $10each) No holds No separateing Beenleigh msg 0432278177
  2. 3 teir Solid steel approx 2.7m long, 2x new custom 150L 4ft long fry tanks ($300alone), 3ft sump (repaired crack no leaks) pump,media fully cycled & runing all plumbed up, room for more tanks.. NO holds cheap urgent sale needed $250.... Jimboomba 4280 msg 0432278177
  3. Lwanda breeding colony, swap for juvie peppermints.. 1x male 2x females 12cm, quality lines. Jimboomba 4280
  4. Lwanda breeding trio, 1x male 2x females approx 12cm, Quality bloodline fat healthy fish.. $250 no holds jimboomba (msg 0432278177)
  5. Aulonocara lwanda colony 1x stunner male approx 15cm 5x large females From Quality breeding lines, NO holds price firm. $400 Jimboomba 4280 (msg 0432278177)
  6. Thanks for replys guys il check them out
  7. Looking for large sheets of styrofoam / insulation, (enuf for a gargen shed). Brissie south side preferred cheers
  8. Apart from a display tank Been out of fish for a few yrs, got the urge back so built a fresh rack, each breeding set consist of a 4x2x2 tank 4x1x1 fry/tumbler tank individually sumped. 2 so far with another set in the makeing.. then a ibc growout once summer comes back around. So far Nice big colony of stunning lwanda, Mirror ball. (looking for taiwan reef) cheers
  9. Ahh no i dont think il b giving u all my details when your in canada (Admin??)
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