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  1. Big peice of driftwood with heaps of character.. Approx 1200mm long, pictured in 5ft tank! $125 jimboomba msg 0432278177 no holds
  2. Pleco approx 20-25cm,, $50 jimboomba (swap ibc,,albino cichlids) msg 0432278177
  3. red empress young colony,, Cichlids aus strain (last pic is dad) Approx 7-9cm 20x fish,, males colouring up few females with first mouthfull.. no holds.... $200 Jimboomba msg 0432278177
  4. Wanted large feeder shrimp for frontosas.. Brisbane southside.
  5. Large Wild caught kitumba male, approx 30cm Beautifull fish, spare male.. $150 jimboomba (swap for pepermints) Msg0432278177
  6. Thought it might b,, never seen one here before..
  7. Been living out near jimboomba on uper logan river for 20 yrs, allways campin/ fishin & takein the kids down (before the###kheads built a weir & wrecked the entire river from there on...... anyways caugh this random today & released it,, never seen before id pls? Bout 4cm
  8. iceberg elec blue male, nice white crest. approx 15cm $40 jimboomba
  9. New 5x2.5 setup runing 4ft sump.. wanted something with a bit of character so picked up this wild caught colony of fronnies,, big 40cm male & 2 females,(otheres are in shed).. such a beautiful placid male he just cruises around & loves attention ..
  10. Maybe if your outlet is in "bottom" of sump then yeah probly air locked as theres more water pressure in sump then top of barrell,, Outlet in to sump should b above water. I could b wrong too lol
  11. Picked up a tank & got these fish i dont want, (only ever had africans) can anyone help with names plz, cheers
  12. Unknown breeds, 15 fish, rams rainbows etc.. Brought a tank dont need the fish,, $50 the lot 15 fish.. jimboomba msg 0432278177
  13. Both lots sold..... Another 20x fish @ 7cm, males starting to show colour (same father as pic above) would make great colony, $125 for all 20.. msg 0432278177
  14. First pic is father (cichlids aus strain).. 15x 3-4cm $50 the lot 10x 6-7cm $50 the lot Msg 0432278177 no holds jimboomba
  15. Yeah a pair but males face looks a bit weird, cheers
  16. Looking for nice large dovii male for display tank, 20-40cm south brissie prefered msg 0432278177
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