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  1. doors are done, made up some out of dressed pine and done them in the same stain as the front panel. decided to hook up both external canister filters either end of the tank : larger one is full of mainly course sponge, bio noodles, coral rubble, to create heaps of good bacteria colonisation.. and the second medium to fine sponge,charcoal,macropore & a few layers of fine filter mat to keep the water looking clean. now to sit back and enjoy
  2. and hes brother,, hopefully will end up a nice "pearl d,blood tangerines" when mature.. i sold about 35 whish i kept a few more now
  3. cheers, this is him now at around 10cm..
  4. picked some up today from AOA,, seems to have all the good bling ingredients, will see how it goes on my all male peacock tank..
  5. Hi mate Where did u pick it up?, haven't seen it anywhere before
  6. new male peacock display 4x2x2 still undecided on aquascape but happy for now..
  7. added some rocks & plants, everything runing fine so far just need to make up some doors for the sides to keep the little one away from the filter..
  8. 4FT led aqualina from AOA,, looked good in my smaller tank, and was very surprised how much it lights up the depth of the 4x2x2 ... now to try & find a smaller multi colour led to make those peacocks really stand out!! as we all know "peacocks" are the best looking fresh water fish haha
  9. My olds do signwriting, so they got me the blue stickon vinyl Bit tricky getting it on as it's only 300 high, soapy water is the trick,, I thought about putting little led,s in the boobies lol, yeah really happy With the quality of his tanks. cheers
  10. fish are in 30 male peacocks 3 peppermints,rainbow shark thingy (as expected they have droped there colours a bit but are looking better bye the hour) 50kg mix of AOA coral sand,white play sand & some high ph 1-2mm stuff i got off supercobweb new 1200lph external filter full of live media from my old filter, otto800 internal filter, 300w yager 1M long sunken pirate ship with boobies need to add some texas holy rock yet but happy so far...
  11. filling & fish in tomoz will throw more pics up
  12. nothing huge or special but thought id throw some pics up although pics dont really show it going from 4x 380 x 450,, to a 4x2x2 it looks preety big to me.. nice new tank and built the stand myself, added a bit more bracing to stand after pics were taken, got 10 nice display peacocks & grew out about 30 nice display males in my ibc over the last year or so, first pics are old tank with my beautifull little girl doin some fish stareing,,
  13. Majority rules Everything from existing tank in at the same time and get it crankin!! Then do a few tests,, I guess from th replys the only reason for prolonged cycles Is if everything is new.. cheers people's
  14. Thanks people's, Il get the tank runing in the morning then throw fish in in the arvo, I see what u mean about the existing filter won't get fed without fish waste Cheers
  15. Another tank question New 4x2x2 10mmsides12mmbase 2 braces across top. Built by tank maker, really nice job Is 10 days enuf cureing time? Hoping to get it runing before I go back to work Cheers
  16. just got a new 4x2x2 approx 400L going to use 200L of water and external canister filter from my existing runing tank, given that, would it be o,k to put fish in after only 2days of cycling? oh yeah im on tank water (for the other 200L) so no crappy chlorine town water cheers
  17. a bit bored so thought id start a new topic.. one thing i like in display fish is plenty of spots on bottom fin, so il start off
  18. Hi Bruce, I got that 2ft sump from u runing my ibc.. simple but effective setup.. drop out for a look and a beer if u like
  19. a few more pics of old and new mixed display males:laser:
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