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  1. just wanted opinions on best way to clean inside tank glass without scratching the glass.... (geting new tank this week) like most cichlid tanks mine has sand in bottom so im allways worried the fine sand geting cought and scratching the tank... opinions please
  2. plenty of red in body?? kinda contradicts the layout above? (nice looking fish though) i too have wondered the difference as ive had 3 colonys "flamebacks" red across the top,, and other flamebacks with no red. and a green, gold body with the stripes??
  3. got a bunch of "ob peacock fry" a while back and ended up with about 10 of these blue peacocks.. nice looking fish, any thoughts on species? fish in pick is geting yellow,goldish shoulder others have red shoulder, red detail in fins
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  5. bit of an update on my "wanna be" tiger ob,,, around 12cm now. first pic is at 8cm,, pics turned out a bit yellow rather than his orange pigment
  6. Insulated 2ft sump, about 5kg of bio noodles, 5kg of coral a couple of layers of 50mm thick Course Mat and some fine filtermat last. 300w yagerbomb heater Otto 800 internal for flow And 800L of water!! Woohoo
  7. just a few pics of my ibc i put together to grow up some fish for my display tank, was looking for big water volume for quicker growth & it looked simple and cheap.. thanks to "the german" for the bare ibc and drilling the sump.. fully insulated with foam,foil wrap, camping mat on the concrete underneath & a home made lid of wraped styrofoam and pine.. has been runing for a month or 2 and yeah surprised how fast the little fry have grown
  8. The funny pic will be me and u hiding in the front garden Throwing down some tallies!!!:-D
  9. Black stand, then filled with peppermint b,nose.. Now that would look cool B-) Will drop over thru the week mate for a beer,, or is that A cupa tea!!, lol
  10. i been to your and mikes house,, its gona be a mission rolling it on wheels all that way!! but count me in at this stage..lol haha
  11. wow thats a flashback,,, i grew up in darwin and use too fiish and net for prawns where they now feed the milk fish,, and yeah the buggers would come up for berly but could never catch em... anyways back to thread lol
  12. aqua one nautilus 800,, 7.5 L volume 800lph only rated to 200l tank ehiem 600 6 L volume 1000lph rated to 600l tank wouldnt 7.5L of media space be better than 6L of space ?? as far as reliability my aqua 800 has been runin for 2 years without a single problem... looking to upsize my tank so thought about changing to the eheim 600. thanks for any imput
  13. this guy seems to be next in line (16cm ob) but the strawberry had some exellent colours,, they both been fighting last few days i think the strawberry gave up topspot... looked healthy just sat on bottom of tank and wouldnt move, rolled over n died...
  14. sad day today :pout: this big guy died.... has been the *dominant big male 18cm * in my, all male peacock tanks (3 tanks over 2years probs 60 males to pick out best of 15 now)
  15. WOW donny im in *ob peacock* heaven.... pleeeeeease send me a pm when your ready to thin out those ob,s and on another positive note, thanks for all the replies to threads and products from AOA... i havent been on this forum for long but have met some really genuine helpfull people....
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  19. from what i can tell when runing a topmount sump most people put the pump in the ibc.. if this is right, what do u do to stop all the crap (literally) from going in the pump?? or doesnt it matter?? pics would be grate, cheers
  20. o.k got off my *** does this look o.k (runing 2x 4foot grow out tanks approx 400L) fine filter in s bend so easy to replace
  21. sorry dont have pick ,but basic 2 foot sump,single s bend .. allready have AOA 50mm thick sponge,2 bag high stacked noodles (so 4 bags) then 50mm thick sponge.. was hoping 2layers of filter mat in the 100mm wide s bend,,(would i still get normal flow being in top of s bend)... thanks for help guys
  22. seen a few sumps with fine filter mat/dacron as the first media for the water to pass thru,, i guess because u can clean or replace that easier being on top without removing all the noodles/sponges. just wanted to ask do the noodles and stuff below still work as efficient with such clean water passing thru?
  23. iredescent blue fins with bright red spots,, "was from a forum breeder" cant beleive how quickly the body goes black when in defence, one of my fav fish
  24. 7cm young male, so hard to get a pic as he is a absolute nutter!! turns full black at feeding time..
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