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  1. Sorry I'm confused the 36w is not the one?
  2. I checked Age of aquariums aren't they over $300 seems a bit pricey to me
  3. Hi All I'm currently working on a 40cm cube I want at least Medium lighting The 40cm depth with on 40cm of length has thrown me a little Does anyone have any lighting recommendations? Thanks
  4. Hi All I need some advice I have a breeding colony of Sushine Peacocks in my 4x15x18 They always stick to one side of the tank keeping the other side empty Is there another colony I can put in there that won't hybridise or be to aggressive? I was thinking Eectric Yllows but I feel that might leave me with to much Yellow in the tank Thanks for your suggestions
  5. I dose flourish twice a week and tend to find that works Also it has a lot to do with lighting you need stronger lighting to stop plants from turning green What lighting are you using?
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  7. I reckon I saw improvement in my plants with CO2 booster You need to dose it daily though otherwise it's pointless It does get expensive if you have a large tank and pressurized CO2 becomes cheaper in the long run
  8. Hi All This plant was sold to me as HC I just want to double check before I place it in my tank Thanks
  9. Out of intrest is anyone growing plants under LEDs yet? If so which LEDs do you use ? How have growth rates been comapred to T5s ? I'm possibly due for some new lighting soon so I want to make an educated guess ? My new tank is only 30 x 12 x 15 how many watts would you reccomened (I inject pressuired Co2) Thanks
  10. I used play sand in my planted tank and it seems to be working well here is a pic. I haven't used any root tablets but use a cap full of Seachem flourish twice a week I also inject co2 It's about 2 - 3 months old and I've had a lot of growth (I need to trim weekely) I just planted the grass carpet yesterday after trimming The wisteria and the tall stem beside it are out of the water by the end of the week
  11. Looks like an Albino San Merah I got the same fish off Andy at Mitchellton Nice fish, mine is the least shy of my 5 discus
  12. Thanks I tried there but had no luck I've decided to purchase new lights
  13. Hi Does anyone know where to get T5 LO bulbs in Brisbane I can't seem to track any down Looking for 4ft 6500k 28w bulbs Thanks
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