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  1. Oh there's good breeders up here, if u know who to ask. They don't advertise locally because no one up north wants to pay for quality
  2. dont go by the temp numbers on a jager, iv got 5 of them and all are 4-6* out
  3. i have a 10ooo and a 65oo, the oldest has been going for 1.5 years with no issues. but i do have a new 1 sitting there as spare in case 1 dies
  4. iv got 5o+cm mangrove jack in 1 tank, then 6 pbass sum big tinfoils a toga and rtgg in a 8ft.
  5. id swap the ross for sum of the bargains on big tanks n exotic fish uses boys get
  6. not sure, they only stock the breed n butter fish so i don't go there much.
  7. who's the 2nd store in town? other then a1. i know theres a new 1 on anne st but thats not open yet.
  8. barra wouldn't stand a chance with a fair size dovii. i seen what my mangrove jack did to a barra double his size. u need to remember barra dont have teeth.
  9. If u work out a cheap way let me know. All these big tank bargains down south.
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