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  1. I have googled them both, and have found the same images described as both of these fish! So do sgt have the dark stripe or is it Jd's that have it. Just want to make sure lfs sold me the right fish
  2. WOW, I e just read this post looking for answers as to what species I have and am now more confused than ever!!! Hijacking here but can anyone tell me the difference in juvie markings between a super green texas and a jack Dempsey? What is the difference between these two fish? I can't find ANY helpful info on super greens, and every forum is full of conflicting opinions!! it's frustrating the hell out of me. What are the defining characteristics if each??? Sorry for hijacking
  3. Hi all, I just bought 3 super greens from my lfs but am starting to think maybe one is a jack Dempsey. They were all in the same tank at shop but one of them is about a cm smaller than the others and has different markings. Can someone post pics of each species as juvies so I can get a better idea of what I've got?? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone just thought I would stop in and introduce myself and my fish. As my name suggests I love cichlids and currently have 3 tanks that house 3 cyrtocara moorii - 2m 1f, 2 labidochromis Caeruleus - 1m 1f, 2 dragonsblood peacocks - 1m 1f, 2 aulonocara jabobfreibergi, 4 pseudotropheus saulosi, 2 kuhli loaches and a marbled sucker fish. Soon I will be adding a 6ft tank and 3 more female cyrtocara moorii and 3 more female electric yellows to my collection. I am hoping to breed my fish but need to get the correct ratios and extra equipment first.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm after some quality African Cichlid breeders in qld. I want to have a few to buy my stock from in order to build top notch Cichlid colonies for breeding and show. Any help is appreciated.
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