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  1. Just saw them at Mappins West End.
  2. Hi , I do not have any picture of the fish since the fish is too small to capture from my mobile phone. I saw many group of small fish around 40 numbers in a creek besides Edmondstone Road Bowen hills, exactly behind Virgin Australia office. I would like to know if anyone could give a guess which fish they are. They are small in size. I only saw them from a few meters away. They looked like female guppies, and when the direct sunlight was falling i could see that a silver colored shining was on there body. If anyone could give me a guess on that fish it would be much appreciable. I am not an Australian, so I am ignorant about the natives fish available here.
  3. Thanks raycam01 au, betta, mbunamad, Donny@ageofaquariums, gringox.. Donny@ageofaquariums; yes I am from the Gods own country and thanks for the drink .
  4. Hi to all my fishy friends. My name is "Morris" and I am from the place where Puntius denisonii is found in its natural habitat . I came to Brisbane last November to do my Masters in Information technology. In my home i have kept 7 aquariums and 3 big cement tanks. I was so passionate about fishes from my childhood onwards. I have kept many species of fish including your native 'Ireathernia Wernarie" which had bred in my tank . Today while i was walking through Woolowin i noticed a stream near the Clayfield park and the stream had a lot of non native fish; Green Sword tails, Gambusia and i guess the other was 'Tilapia":( . Instantaneously thought of joining a fishy community here in Brisbane and wanted to mingle with like minded hobbyists and discuss about fishy things.
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