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  1. How long was the power out to cause the damage like that?
  2. I agree with [MENTION=3501]BEA_V1S[/MENTION] They do fade and dim after 6 months. I've got a diy led strip setup going (about 5 x 1m strips on my 4 x 2 x 2 setup) I've had it running for about 6 months now, and 1 of the strips has almost died completely, and the others have definitely faded a fair bit... I got my strips from 2 different ebay buyers.
  3. Nice one! I've always been interested in the 3D Printing and was really keen to get one. But with so many in the market, it's hard to know which one is best to get. The Makerbot seems like the most solid retail 3d printer available I think. Any Australian companies selling them? (Or other 3d printers?)
  4. Just a quick little video of my current setup taken last week. It's a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft with mostly American Cichlids.
  5. Sorry for the question, but I'm fairly new to larger aquariums. But how do they break or explode? What causes it? I've recently acquired a setup from a friend, it's a 4ft x 2 x 2 setup and just wanted to ensure it doesn't happen I guess...
  6. nice one! Looking forward to seeing more progress shots... I've had an old Blue Imac sitting at home that I have thought about converting. So this has inspired me to look into it a little more...
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