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  1. Wanting some advice on tank sizes for putting my breeding colonies of Africans into These are what I'm considering 91L X 38H X 45W or 91L X 45H X 38W or 91L X 45h X 45W
  2. @tdj5 where are you located? Send me pm
  3. Just wondering what size gap is good between tank and next tier on a rack? And how far off the ground for the first tier?
  4. Not big colonies only 5 per colony. And just a few species of mbuna
  5. What size tanks are you guys keeping your african colonies in for breeding?
  6. Glad your happy with the fish mate It was a good excuse to come say hello and see the fish room
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Can you breed bn in an African tank? Can anyone say they have done that?
  9. is anyone a breeder of Africans in or around toowomba?
  10. What type of bulb do you use in your light for your Africans? And why do you use it?
  11. how many tanks can you hook up to one external filter?
  12. hey all just wanting to know what size tank is good for growing african fry in?
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