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  1. Nielsens Marine Mates

    Live Rock denitrification advice

    Yes Donny I am inclined to agree with you. A regular water change solves many , many problems .Apart from nitrates and phosphates what is going to happen to all the other trace elements over time if only topping up with freshwater is only ever done and no actual water changes. Yes you could start using additives ,calcium ,carbonate hardness ,strontium and the list goes on but a regular water change will keep most of this in balance. Seems a lot easier.
  2. Nielsens Marine Mates

    Wtb cork screw vallisneria sunshinecoast

    We get both corkscrew Val and Contortionest Val fairly regularly. It is not always available but fairly regularly. At present i think we only have contortionest. I realise we are a long way from you but i would think a local shop should be able to order some for you as long as you want a bit of it. We obtain it from the largest plant farm in Brisbane so i think a local shop would be dealing with them.
  3. I do not think that it is the conditions in the tank that upsets them but rather your sudden appearence in the room. Discus get used to movement if they have it constantly but when it only occassionally happens they get frightened. Our Discus system is right at the front of the shop and people walk past all day long and they take no notice. I had a customer who had a Discus tank in a spare room that they seldom used and they were startled every time they opened the door. He put an ocellating fan right in front of the tank and said they improved markedly in days. Anything that gives constant movement may help.
  4. Nielsens Marine Mates

    Live rock hitchhikers

    You will have no trouble using this product. Just squirt a little onto each aiptasia. If you have an aiptasia sitting in the middle of a piece of coral you have to be a little careful as if the product goes onto the coral most will retract as they do not like it. We have used this product a lot including in our display tank without any problems. Happy injecting.
  5. Nielsens Marine Mates

    where can i buy snails

    I think the golden apple snails that Petfish mentioned will be freshwater and will not do too well in your marine aquarium.We have Trochus snails available but it will be a bit of a drive to Loganholme.
  6. Nielsens Marine Mates

    New fish at Nielsen's Marine Mates

    Not many people know we have a large selection of native fish! We have a very good supplier who gives us some awesome stuff so if you are into your natives ask us and we may be able to help you out! This week we have a fair amount instock: Goyder river Inornata (Flat rock creek) Parkinsoni Tent Pole creek Silver Perch Purple Spotted Gudgeons Ruborstriata Wanamensis Goyder River Salmon red rainbows Neon Rainbows Bosmani Barramundi Pacific Blue eyes Skull Creek Muccullochi If you are in need of these beautiful rainbows come down for a look! Nielsen's Marine
  7. Red Sea tanks are a good setup but the filters are not designed to reduce nitrates and rely on water changes to do this or the addition of some nitrate reducing chemicals such as Red Sea NO3PO4X. Another setup you may wish to look at would be the Aqua Reef 195. This is 195 L setup and comes with a sump bio ball filter and skimmer. This also will not reduce nitrates but is much easier to modify if you wish to have your plant section. This tank is drilled through the bottom and has an overflow system in the tank.It comes with cabinet ,hood and lighting and will also probably be cheeper than the Red Sea.
  8. Nielsens Marine Mates

    Chiller plumbing

    You will find that the tubing sold through aquariums is thicker walled than what you normally get in hardware stores and this is why it is dearer. It will not kink as easily. We do not recommend the corrugated types of hose as this will slow down your water flow.
  9. Nielsens Marine Mates

    Latest discus shipment!

    Hi chopper, Red Melon $89 Snakeskin $79 Zebra $69 Red Coat $89 Blue Diamond $85 Red Rose $89 Blue Turquoise $99 We also have heaps more to chose from they are only our latest ones.
  10. Nielsens Marine Mates

    Latest discus shipment!

    Hi everyone we have just received our latest shipment of discus! some really beautiful fish: Red Melon 7-8cm Snakeskin 6-7cm Zebra 6cm Red Coat 8cm Blue diamond 8cm Red Rose 8cm Blue Turquoise 8cm Plus many more please come down and look!
  11. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nielsens-Marine-Mates/118746411547439 Check these guys out they are so cool! and great for eating excess food!