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  1. Just a quick belated thankyou to @ekul_nufc for not only being a Tanganyikan fan & a good bloke but for being easy to deal with & flexible with meeting times. Methinks we may have another committed Tanganyikan breeder Cheers mate, hope all are doing well
  2. G'day Nick how are you? Your PM inbox is full.

    Just a message to let you know I've got about 12 Lepto Mpimbwe ready to go if you're still chasing some.

    Pete :)

  3. Gimme a couple days mate. A friend of mine used to order them in along with a few other more exotic "common tropicals" before his shop changed owners but I suspect he's still able to get most of his old lists I'll get back to you when I find out what he can get
  4. No wukkas mate, glad you're sorted (Sorry for late reply, caught some winter plague)
  5. G'day Grubby, I've got a lil genny you can borrow mate. Nothin huge, just a lil unit as backup for the same type of thing with my tanks. You'll have to test it a day or 2 before to see how much of your gear it'll run but you're welcome to borrow it. I'm down at Upper Coomera but might end up with a job around Brissy before your power outage to save you k's
  6. Hi [MENTION=15486]johnbetta[/MENTION], [MENTION=4423]steveandjules[/MENTION] (still got some Tangs in the mix?), [MENTION=16722]Joshwd[/MENTION] catch you all on the forum
  7. Will come see the shop in a couple weeks John (& Pete? AKA PETFISH), not so far to do the sponsor shop trips now haha
  8. Hi Mr Beer You still got Tangs by the sounds of that I've got; Eretmodus Cyanostictus Zambia blue spot (Couple pairs) Cyprichromis Leptosoma Mpimbwe black bee/tri-colour (Colony) Altolamprologus Compressiceps Mbita Pearl (Fry only) Cyprichromis Microlepidotus Kiriza black (Colony) With a few more species booked in for the future once I get a bigger tank or 2 haha
  9. G'day Grubby, still got your natives going & collecting too? Plenty of rhads breeding I bet
  10. I'll be nice since I've only just come back
  11. After a lot of life getting in the way of fish I'm back up on the gold coast at Upper Coomera & looking forward to get back into aquatic things Still got a few Tanganyikans, even some Lepto Mpimbwe to sell haha Hi to all & I'll see you round the forum Cheers, Pete
  12. Nice Rod, love the depth of orange in the body of that white con
  13. Nice Grub, can we see a pic of her? Meant to ask last time I saw you mention her months ago To all who may want to comment negatively on Grubby's hybrid just realise he is a responsible hobbyist, been mentioned before that she's display only! Thought I'd get in first just in case it starts somethin >x<
  14. Parents were as far unrelated as I can be sure of. Big old boy was my uncle's fish, came from down south as fry/juvie (Sydney/Newcastle area I think) got left behind with a few others when he moved. Mother was much smaller/younger, my cousin's fish, paired with an average lookin male I'd guess from same brood, came from 100% Pets in Tweed 4-5yrs ago. I took the average male out, added the big old boy & these are the product. They were above average looking, the father had a decent green/blue hue to the body. The mum had good colouring (as much as I'd seen in any convict in person at that point) but not the intense brightness to the orange nor as much colour in fins as the fry. Only got 1 brood from them & kept bout 50 odd fry to grow out. Parents are now in my uncle's pond in Bundy breeding feeders for his turtles... I'll try for more pics of the boys. They never stay still, hoon around as much as my Tropheus! These are the pick of literally 200+ shots. For reference they're just under el-cheapo T5 tubes that should have been replaced long ago. Not ideal light to photo, especially on iPhone 4 camera lmao I'll take a better light downstairs when I have another go.
  15. [MENTION=12883]BarryToucher[/MENTION], there ya go mate. Finally a few pics for ya
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