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  1. Hahaha rules are sometimes made to be broken your moderajesty Glad to see you're still around and helping keep the hobby and forum going after all these years mate
  2. I'll do a quick rough sketch for you later tonight or in the morning, a pic will explain it easier I think rather than writing another novel for you to decipher hehe sorry bout that
  3. Bahahaha the Alenquers? I was tossing up between Alenquers and Tefe at first but the Tefe were the ones I had to have, the Pebas are amazing too and the Hoignei, the Mendezi, the Breitbinden... If I had a fish shed I'd buy most of his current Apisto stock list xD I'll swap you some Tefe fry for Alenquers in the future @gingerbeer lmao
  4. My fire golds aren't shy at all but I have 7 pygmy corys and 18 rasbora maculata in with them, 6-8 of those mac ras are gonna go in with the Apistos and red lizards as dithers to help them feel more at home Ahh ok, I knew true viejita were rare all over but now I know it's happening overseas too it makes more sense, 2+2... fair enough Ohhh yeah, I could talk fish all day, couple mates even know scientific names of a few fish despite never owning a fish tank. I bore them to tears sometimes I bet. * me all excited* "I got a new pair of fish coming, they're ... and they like ..., they're from ... and never been in Aus before" *mate sips beer* "yeah cool bro, so..." XD poor blokes
  5. Forgot about Mitch.0, @presto maybe too? I remember selling them some Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis I think it was, maybe some Eretmodus and comps too, my Sumbu shell comps maybe went to Mitch, can't remember it was ages ago when I sold up my Tangs and bailed for a bit. I think Mitch was next in line for my Kiriza Black Microleps too when I left for a bit but Julie got them from memory. Sold a bunch of fish I'll likely never see again bloody women and the dumb things we do for them xD
  6. Yep Hamish got you covered, a pump to feed water from the sump back up top. Tanks drain into one another (or each directly to the sump if desired) by overflows drilled at equal set heights in each row, add a bulkhead to each then pipe down to the next tank row, then the next, all the way down to the sump. Make sure the sump filtration system is big enough to handle all overflow volume, so if power goes out and the pump stops pumping, the water that flows out of your tanks down to the bulkhead drain levels can be held in the sump rather than on the floor As for feeding the water back up top, a sump pump with appropriate head height ("head height" just means how far uphill the pump can push water through a pipe), then have it feed the top row by overflow. Eg. pump outlet goes in tank A on the left, which has a hole that feeds into tank B in the middle, which has a hole that feeds into Tank C on the right, which then feeds the tanks below from right to left in the same manner, as many times as you like. As I said before though, systems like this are highly modifiable so you could run tanks in systemic rows from top to bottom instead of left to right, you could use multiple pumps for different flow rates in the same system just split, add a hidden plant refugium to help aid in nitrate removal next to the sump and in doing so, as a byproduct, grow plants to sell. For my nano system I want to get around to, I would run redundancy overflows aswell just because I will have fine mesh to block the flow through points to stop tiny shrimp and fish from wandering, fine mesh may get blocked up if I'm lazy or away for a while, redundancy overflows slightly higher than the standards just to be extra safe. As for yours you can just add egg grate or similar to stop Bettas wandering so blockages won't be as problematic as using 100micron fine stainless steel mesh or fibreglass screen as fine separators. Good luck with it all and ask for help if needed, plenty of helpful people around here
  7. G'day and welcome, I love my Tanganyikans and used to breed a few, will again one day when I got big tank space hehe There's a good group of Tang fans on here so I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for and more A few people to message who may be able to help or point you in the right direction if you can't find what you're after in the trader section are @JB @goldenswimmers @julielovesjane who I think from my old message list is now named @The Fishroom (g'day Julie if that is you, apologies for the random mention if it's not xD) @TNT, @shon982, @lloydashton are a few I remember from years back that helped me out Not sure if Julie, Shon, Lloyd and Troy are still around here but I know I've seen Swimmer's lepidiolamps somewhere on here recently and JB is around Good luck with the search
  8. Welcome to the forum, there was a setup for sale in the dry goods trader section a lil while ago I think but if you can't find one and you're a bit handy, a setup like that is pretty simple to build provided you're patient and it's also extremely modifiable. For example you could make that tank setup completely out of wood, (take a look in the DIY section here, I remember some old wood tank builds years ago when I was on here so I'm sure there's a couple on there, also Google "building a wooden aquarium" or "plywood aquarium"). Then it's just glass for the front viewing panels, add polystyrene around the outside and underneath of the tank rows to insulate and save on heating in winter, cooling in summer (if you'll need a chiller). So that way your tanks are your rack and vice versa, all one strong build. Customise your plumbing with the build so you can split the system or make it so tanks can be isolated for quarantine, larger tanks down low for breeding with removable dividers which then become growouts, add storage racks, cabinets, draws etc. as you desire. Basically you can make a rack to suit every part of your breeding or display plans, make it to suit a style or decor in your home. They're highly customisable the ole timber tanks and I don't see many anymore but I've wanted to do a rack like I described for a long time now. Basically a nano tank tower for shrimp, sparkling gourami, Apistos, killis, all together in a display yet in their own biotopic environments. One day... One day...
  9. No worries at all mate, if they sold out already he'll have more soon enough I'm sure. The selection of Apistos they get in is pretty amazing, every time I look there's a couple new arrivals. If you call the mobile number during business hours you'll probably speak to David, he knows his stuff and maybe can order directly for you or put you down for the next brood of gold macs that come up. I've spoken to him a few times, very helpful and even sent me video links via text of the actual fish for sale I was interested in I couldn't resist when I saw them and ordered a pair of Agassizzi Tefe Red Back. Now moving shrimp to give the Tefe a tank ready to go with heaps of live food (lots of gammarus, copepods, flatworms etc. since that tank has been open top with nothing but shrimp since setup). A few L10a red lizards going in for algae control and to try breed them aswell if the Tefe behave and don't nip their pretty tails, otherwise the lizards go in the CPD tank and the Tefe can have a Borneo sucker instead for algae cleanup. I've no idea why it's devolved to viejita and macmasteri being deemed the same in Aus but it's probably due to lack of imports, crossbreeding, confused hobbyists, LFS staff and wholesalers combining to create a shit show like with a lot of fish in Aus. There's a lot of fish that we used to have nice examples of specific locales which showed individual traits, Malawis for instance. They get mixed up and those traits are lost until more WC stock are brought in. Then there's things like Convicts, Texas, Parrots... Lack of selective breeding and refreshing genetics destroyed the Convicts in Aus, boring lil things with a bit of orange when they're young and just plain stripes when mature but find an old fish guru who had convicts in the 70s or 80s. They don't even look like the same fish at first glance. Then there's hybridisation, misinformation, deception which leads to responsible aquarists making the problem worse without knowing any better lowering genetic quality of true fish being mixed with hybrids that look true (in the case of Apistos specifically, a lot of females would look very similar across certain Sp.) Add the irresponsible aquarists who just wanna breed and sell fish, "I get more money for a ... fish, they look like ... fish, I won't advertise them as ... X ... fish." Then wholesalers and importers who may get a list name that's wrong or fish in quarantine from import got mixed and have to be separated (AQUIS can be pretty useless sometimes). There's a lot of things that work against the Aussie aquarist
  10. Otherwise, actual freshwater gobys in Aus are pretty hard to come by aside from the bumble bee gobys (they aren't even truly freshwater). The Desert Gobys are pretty uncommon but pop up from time to time, a couple months ago I saw a new variant of them somewhere online (if I remember where I'll edit to add the site). You can get Eretmodus, Tanganicodus and Spathodus gobys in Aus but they're Tanganyikan and in general like very hard, alkaline water above pH8. The opal cling goby, a stiphodon, is a native and if you get lucky and find any stiphodon native or otherwise, please let a brother know hehe but I haven't seen any stiphodon of any type in Aus for sale in a looonnggg time. A lot of gudgeons are labelled and sold as gobys though so need more clarification on what you're after to truly help. Quite a few gudgeons been popping up down this way lately...
  11. I have purple spotted gudgeons, got 6 to get a group going but I'd consider parting with 2-3 of the cute lil hungry hippos in the near future. There are Empire Gudgeons, I believe they were called "Mandarin Goby" overseas in a few countries? Google "Empire Gudgeon" and see if they're what you're after mate
  12. Here's the first lil tank now, had a lot more hemianthus lawn but I pulled a fair bit out to add to my CPD tank. So it was going to get a clean before pics but things have changed a bit... This tank was going to be to breed yellow cherries only, now it's gonna be a nano mixed shrimp community. Super slow trickle filter (love it, no water movement the tank just looks peaceful) but I've made a custom canister filter to increase overall volume a bit (tank is only 25L) but still keep the flow rate very low. The box tank to breed blue cherries, red nose caridina and ninja shrimp that was getting a trio of L10a added, is now also getting a pair of amazing Apistos I stumbled across and could not wait on for fear of missing out. So the blue cherries and red nose are gonna go in the yellow cherry tank which will just be a cherry display and red nose breeder. The ninjas will go in the CPD tank and now all of a sudden with these 3 tanks shit went from finished to unfinished real quick... Damn fish addiction xD but how could I pass those Apistos up... Been a while since I saw a fish and thought instantly, without even seeing a price, "yup I'm buying them"... Apistogramma Agassizii Tefe Red Back
  13. Oops sorry, ignore the liquid fry starter (only for tiny fry) didn't notice it on top of the trop wafers. The tropical wafers I only feed occasionally, maybe twice a week, the corys are the only ones who eat em and they prefer the other stuff anyways it seems. Other fish only pick at it as it falls really. Also that FreshDelica, looks good, sounds good in the marketing spiel but the fish can take it or leave it. Got a few new bigger fish to try it on but none of my nano fish go crazy for it.
  14. Try feeding some frozen foods in the near future, frozen brine shrimp, mysis, bbs. A good mixed diet benefits fish same as any pet (or person for that matter xD) and she'll love you all the more for it. Frozen block of food pinched in the fingers and she'll come eat from you after a couple days or weeks (depends on the individual fish's temperament). I feed a good mix to all my wet pets but for the carnivores and omnivores, they get this sort of stuff in rotation (in pic) along with frozen brine, mysis, live bbs (easy to hatch in a bottle hatchery), live mosquito larvae and scuds/copepods, planaria/flatworms, basically clean water bugs from my garden that I lazily culture. These little treats a couple times a week go a long way to a fish's health and lifespan
  15. @hamishh34 nanotanks has gold macs in mate, also a lot of other nice varieties of agassizzi and heaps more. I'm trying to work out space for another pair of agas, can't decide which type though xD
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