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  1. Just a quick belated thankyou to @ekul_nufc for not only being a Tanganyikan fan & a good bloke but for being easy to deal with & flexible with meeting times. Methinks we may have another committed Tanganyikan breeder Cheers mate, hope all are doing well
  2. G'day Nick how are you? Your PM inbox is full.

    Just a message to let you know I've got about 12 Lepto Mpimbwe ready to go if you're still chasing some.

    Pete :)

  3. Gimme a couple days mate. A friend of mine used to order them in along with a few other more exotic "common tropicals" before his shop changed owners but I suspect he's still able to get most of his old lists I'll get back to you when I find out what he can get
  4. No wukkas mate, glad you're sorted (Sorry for late reply, caught some winter plague)
  5. G'day Grubby, I've got a lil genny you can borrow mate. Nothin huge, just a lil unit as backup for the same type of thing with my tanks. You'll have to test it a day or 2 before to see how much of your gear it'll run but you're welcome to borrow it. I'm down at Upper Coomera but might end up with a job around Brissy before your power outage to save you k's
  6. Hi [MENTION=15486]johnbetta[/MENTION], [MENTION=4423]steveandjules[/MENTION] (still got some Tangs in the mix?), [MENTION=16722]Joshwd[/MENTION] catch you all on the forum
  7. Will come see the shop in a couple weeks John (& Pete? AKA PETFISH), not so far to do the sponsor shop trips now haha
  8. Hi Mr Beer You still got Tangs by the sounds of that I've got; Eretmodus Cyanostictus Zambia blue spot (Couple pairs) Cyprichromis Leptosoma Mpimbwe black bee/tri-colour (Colony) Altolamprologus Compressiceps Mbita Pearl (Fry only) Cyprichromis Microlepidotus Kiriza black (Colony) With a few more species booked in for the future once I get a bigger tank or 2 haha
  9. G'day Grubby, still got your natives going & collecting too? Plenty of rhads breeding I bet
  10. I'll be nice since I've only just come back
  11. After a lot of life getting in the way of fish I'm back up on the gold coast at Upper Coomera & looking forward to get back into aquatic things Still got a few Tanganyikans, even some Lepto Mpimbwe to sell haha Hi to all & I'll see you round the forum Cheers, Pete
  12. Nice Rod, love the depth of orange in the body of that white con
  13. Nice Grub, can we see a pic of her? Meant to ask last time I saw you mention her months ago To all who may want to comment negatively on Grubby's hybrid just realise he is a responsible hobbyist, been mentioned before that she's display only! Thought I'd get in first just in case it starts somethin >x<
  14. Parents were as far unrelated as I can be sure of. Big old boy was my uncle's fish, came from down south as fry/juvie (Sydney/Newcastle area I think) got left behind with a few others when he moved. Mother was much smaller/younger, my cousin's fish, paired with an average lookin male I'd guess from same brood, came from 100% Pets in Tweed 4-5yrs ago. I took the average male out, added the big old boy & these are the product. They were above average looking, the father had a decent green/blue hue to the body. The mum had good colouring (as much as I'd seen in any convict in person at that point) but not the intense brightness to the orange nor as much colour in fins as the fry. Only got 1 brood from them & kept bout 50 odd fry to grow out. Parents are now in my uncle's pond in Bundy breeding feeders for his turtles... I'll try for more pics of the boys. They never stay still, hoon around as much as my Tropheus! These are the pick of literally 200+ shots. For reference they're just under el-cheapo T5 tubes that should have been replaced long ago. Not ideal light to photo, especially on iPhone 4 camera lmao I'll take a better light downstairs when I have another go.
  15. [MENTION=12883]BarryToucher[/MENTION], there ya go mate. Finally a few pics for ya
  16. Can't capture the blue in the boys very well, will try again when I get a chance...
  17. My lil cons turned out pretty nice from a fluke pairing, what do you guys think? (fair warning, crap camera & they never stay still...)
  18. Donny's post above is the perfect template, add a few other gems of wisdom then sticky for new members/hobbyists My favourite part of that post^ "You'll never get to see your Apistos in a 4-5-6foot tank" been told a few times & can't sway many from that misleading "fact". Replace Apistos with any dwarf Cichlid like Kribs, Keyholes, Rams etc. & turn "a few times" into many... They are the most awesome lil critters to watch in a decent sized tank. The different dynamics that form & behaviours are worth the "waste of space" bah! I had a male Borellii with 3 diff girls in a 300L 4ft, he would hassle one until she'd get the s..ts & chase him, at which point he would run to the next fems' territory & the "new" fem would see the chaser off out of her territory. He'd have a lil breather & a quick forage round her territory then do the same thing again, then off to number 3! One of many interesting lil quirks I've got to see by having small fish in decent sized tanks. Heard a few stories of Congo Tetras playing tag/chasey for hours with pieces of plant in large enough tanks
  19. I use the Aquasonic Rift Lake Conditioner; 3/4 scoop per 12L bucket, & the Aquasonic Carbonate Hardness Generator; full scoop per 12L bucket, to maintain GH 14-15 & KH 16-17 for my Tangs, low end lake parameters to both keep my fish happy & not use too much buffer/$$. I also have fairly low mineral content in my water down here, GH 3-4 KH 3-4. Being in QLD you should have higher mineral content in tap water so need lower doses, so... How much do you add? Do you replace only what has been removed by water change? Basically asking do you dose for whole tank volume at water change time? If the above are not the cause then possibly a big jump in mineral content of your tap water. Had a busted water main nearby or council flushing pipes? Perhaps they've added more things due to recent rain? I try not to do water changes during rainy times due to my tap water chemistry changing unpredictably a couple times...
  20. I found my Trophs happiest when they've had rocks from one end of tank to the other, along the back. I also leave between 70 & 150mm between rear glass & rocks in most spots too. Plenty of hiding places for retreating fems or sub doms in need of respite. Not necessarily stacked high, maybe just a couple high points to look more natural. Leaves plenty of open space for them to hoon around at top speed, chase each other with algae discs in mouth like puppies with sticks etc. & not run into rough rocks mid-high water. Another thing with Trophs, (especially Moliros & other "Sp Black" & Moorii Trophs) is colour of surrounds affecting colour of fish. Lots of dark surrounds with Moliro will make them go mostly black & not display much red. A sparse tank with lots of light colour (white sand, pale blue or grey background) they will display lots of red. I like light blue or grey bg, white sand with a small amount of darker stuff for a more natural lookin sub & dark coloured rocks/stones with my Moliro, they display the perfect (in my eyes) amount of black & red I also discovered somethin with Moliro when mine were younger. They had to spend a couple weeks in a tacky ornamental tank with blue gravel when I had to reseal their tank & over the blue gravel their black parts were a beautiful deep purple. Not sure if it was blue light reflecting from the bottom or the fish actually changed their colour but it looked awesome. If I could handle lookin at crummy blue gravel I'd have it in there just for the purple moliros
  21. Culling is a necessity if you're breeding fish, the softer ppl who can't cull should then not breed or have 1000+ tanks to keep their poor quality fish out of circulation. Doesn't matter if you sell as "display" fish, buyers WILL breed with them & on sell more crap fish, then we have no nice quality fish left in Aus. No more imports, no more new blood to refresh inbred species, all of a sudden we've got bland looking grey/brown fish with bent spines, messed up fins, balloon bodies...unless, we the breeders are responsible with what we sell. Non cullers just research what convicts used to look like in the 80s-early 90s or try to find a perfect Ellioti in Aus. You want that to happen to all international fish in Australia? I cull in the same way that nature would, don't fit in, become food. Bad or misshapen bars, colours or patterns, you standout & become a target in nature so therefore become food, not a breeder. Deformed fins or body, definitely food. BTW noob breeders out there: IF YOU'RE GETTING MORE THAN A COUPLE DEFORMITIES PER BROOD, GET SOME NEW BLOOD, IF THEY'RE GROWING INTO DEFORMITY, CLEAN TANKS & GET NITRATES BELOW 40ppm (just a point I've never seen brought up before & seemed to fit with this rant, I know not possible with all sp.). Look, killing fish you've bred sucks no matter which way you look at it but it is necessary to keep the hobby going. You're not doing anything that Mother Nature wouldn't do herself & if you don't have a large hungry finned friend then find someone close who does & feed your culls to them. My mates' ray almost jumping out of his tank when he sees me with a bucket certainly takes the edge off culling my fry
  22. I'm in NSW (just) A couple other fish mad members down this way too
  23. Thanks Ad Won't have Sumbu ready for 3-4months at least, last ready went to Townsville a few days ago
  24. Nice, I'm waiting til I've got a 7 or 8x2 so I can have a colony with a few males & watch their displays & dance battles over women lol Some comps, sandsifters & Nigripinnis will make some good smaller companions for the big colony of showboats
  25. Oooohh yeeaahh!!! Tricoti are friggin awesome, if I had a big tank spare I'd be livin on 60c noodles for a while to buy a colony Nice Lloyd, good taste Ok someone buy em up & breed em for when I've got a big enough tank to have a proper go with them... PLEASE!!!
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