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  1. Yeah, what's up with the photo's. Just wanted to have a look through the thread again, but missing the photo's
  2. Thanks Steve, Yes managed to get the discount and bought some new goodies.
  3. Awesome. Thanks! I didn't even see that. Cool! thanks,
  4. Hey guys, Has this code changed? Tried it, but it didn't accept it.
  5. Cool Thanks [MENTION=11967]Obeice[/MENTION], I will try and make the maintenance as easy as possible as my time is limited. and I might not have gravel in the tanks. Still undecided. Do you have any photo's of the return plumping?
  6. [MENTION=11967]Obeice[/MENTION] That is such a neat job! Hopefully I can have mine looking that good. How did you do the water changes. Did you have to shut down the entire system and then drain each tank separately?
  7. Awesome! Looking forward to the update and photos !!
  8. Hi Babblefish, What are the dimensions of your 3 footer? Height and Width? If it is just a standard 3x14x18... This might be a/the problem. With Venustus and Dolphins, I'll be looking at a big 4-5 foot as a minimum especially if you want to add ob peacocks and Red Fin Kadangos as well. Some of these grow up to 25cm. I think your possibilities are very limited with a 3 footer not "Endless":esmile: Just my 2 cents. Cheers,
  9. [MENTION=11165]jcumpstay[/MENTION] Tanks looks great! Would love to see how you hooked up the air pump as yellows said
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