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    spiesie reacted to Michael-9645 in My pond build   
    water proofing started and meter box with battery set up install and ready to go!

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    spiesie reacted to jcumpstay in Jacob's High Tech Fish Room Build   
    New fry rack starting to take shape this weekend:

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    spiesie reacted to Chris66 in 8x5 garage display build   
    Just thought I'd share my new build, it's 8x5x2.5. Will be a full walk around plumbed from underneath with a 6x3x1.5 sump. Will be stocked with wc and f1 Africans. Not long till tank arrives now. 

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    spiesie reacted to Therandal in Marine predator tank   
    Hey guys here is my next project I'm only new to this page and I seen a lot of people taking photos and stuff of the tank builds so I thought I might do the same if use are interest I'm no expert so I'm happy to here from you all positive and negative feed back its all good my baby is 4 1/2x 4x 4 including the sump the bad boy is roughly  1900liters so excited to start this project, but yeh if use are interested I'll keep you all posted and show you my new little baby

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    spiesie reacted to Caramels Fishy Friends in Couple pics i snapped recently   
    So over the last few weeks i've been poking around the shop trying to grab a couple nice shots. Unfortunately i'm terrible with my camera, so i can only get the still sitting fish lol. 
    A fighter did the ultimate photo bomb on the L002, the camera focused on the betta at the last minute :$

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    spiesie reacted to Daharkazangel in Milo # warning graphic images# OSCAR   
    Update Aug 2016

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    spiesie reacted to ado_84 in Diy 5000 L tank   
    I hope to build the 5000l version yes.

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