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  1. Hi I will take the 6 for $100

  2. thanks all. Have checked for cracks, clips are fine and done the petroleum jelly. Eheim looking good.
  3. Hi all.. I have a few Biopro canister filters (1200) that one by one have started leaking after being cleaned. The seals look fine. The water appears to be collecting in the canister head and then leaking out through where the head clips on to the canister (through the clips). A couple have leaked when the power is off but when the power is turned back on are fine. Any clues or suggestions as to why this is happening and how to stop this from happening? Very annoying. Thanks
  4. Sorry thought you ment side strips after another look at your pix see you mean something different.Still you could try them anyway might know wear to get them.
  5. Hi - we bought 3 from Nielsen's Marine Mates at Loganholme about a year ago - nice size for about $35 each. All doing well.
  6. yes my house is starting to look like a fish shop
  7. Thanks Butch. Can't wait to see your fish
  8. I just keep seeing fish I just GOTTA have...
  9. Here are a couple of pics - My Africans and Blondie with his buds..
  10. My name is Jen, just wanted to say HI and I love this forum (so glad we found out about it). Fairly newish to fish keeping (had a basic tropical tank when I was a kid) but have got the bug BAD. Started with a 60L tank about 20months ago and now have 13 tanks of various sizes and different fish. Just in the process of setting up a second mixed African tank. (love watching them). Looking forward to getting some great advice and ideas.
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