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    i was born in south africa
    i fished for large mouth bass for my country
    living in Australia now

    LOVE FISH!!!!!!!!
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    rugby, dj, music, fish , gym
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    fish breeder/dj/student
  1. really loving this Rasinger im following it every day thanks for the help last night on the thropheus sorry for all the questions i would really like to see this in person one day
  2. Hey how many females in your colony

  3. once drift wood is "collected from a location" shop or river does it have to be prepared for your tank if so how is it done
  4. Hi mate , I have 40 - 50 kilos of calcium carb substrate I'm selling for a mate , he gave me his tank and all to go with it , it's been used for about 7 weeks , I'm on Gold Coast and work on north Gold Coast if ur interested , free bucket of crushed coral aswell if u want other stuff

  5. I got a 4x2 I need to lay some down so yeah

  6. I wish I knew I was up at mambo ur last week ... If I still have it I will keep in touch

    Think my mates looking for about 100 for it , he gave me 5 ft tanks and everything he had , asked me to sell what I don't use

    Thx for reply

  7. this is my date joined it say on my profile Join Date 30-03-2013 so i havnt been here that long
  8. hello every one id just like you ideas thoughts suggestions and what not about the following i plan to do to. so i have a 8 ad a half foot wall i have access to i plant to build a 2 tier for foot system well 2 of them so there will be four 4x2x2 tanks with a split glass down the middle to separate the tanks i plan to use timber for the stands but not to sure on what joining i should do ? or where to get these tanks from will the tanks be big enough to breed african cichlids small colonies ? any thoughts suggestions and what not ?
  9. can some one please help me i have a few colonys of africans ive had them for a while and havent seen a mouthfull yet? even crimsonn tides arnt breeding they are healthy waters perfect they got hides sand everything but no breeding can some one gie me some pointers please ?
  10. is it possible to get all black
  11. hi im looking to build a fish rack that can take 6 3 foot tanks will timber be strong enough to hold it ? the tank will be 150L each and will be 3 ontop of each other ? cheers David
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