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  2. Yea the catfish won't eat it. Sounds like you might have the same problem as I have/had; http://www.qldaf.com/forums/help-fish-health-diseases-water-quality-12/algae-north-brisbane-tap-water-110913/ Do not use glass magnets to clean the glass, they eventually scratch. Just use a credit card
  3. Hi all, I am putting some algae remover in my aquarium and it says to remove any absorbent material (such as activated carbon) from the filter. Would either bionood, or ceramisub or aqua nova NRC-1 be considered absorbent material? My understanding is all of these are biological? Thanks
  4. Thanks done, got a heap of other stuff as well. Now ship quickly... Please!!
  5. One advantage I have is I have no live plants or snails in the tank. Are there any products that kill algae but is safe for fish? Thanks
  6. Thanks, but rain water is not a possibility. Any other ideas?
  7. Hi all, Moved to the north side of Brisbane a few months ago and have had an algae problem ever since. Everything gets covered in a dark brown hair like algae. It has to be from the tap water. How have other people on the north side managed this issue? Thanks Tejay
  8. Thanks for this info. Could you please clarify the following though... 1. Left it to mature for a month I presume you did not add any brine shrimp until the end of the month and only started with the sponge filter at the end of the month as well? 2. Using a sponge filter with brine shrimp My experience in the past was the brine shrimp would get sucked into the sponge filter, did you find this as well? Thanks For your help, every time I have tried brine shrimp it has been a disaster!!
  9. Hi Donny, I used the correct dosage, plus a little extra as a margin. To make it economical, I make my own with Supa Chlor and distilled water. Thanks
  10. Hi Donny, I used the correct dosage, plus a little extra as a margin. To make it economical, I make my own with Supa Chlor and distilled water. Thanks
  11. Yea I did have some buckets and could have done better. My attention was squarely focused on making sure the entire stand didn't collapse. Lost all the electric yellows - about 12. Only lost one out of 600 Rivs. Either way, after the first big water change , is there any good reason why they were all shocked again on the second? It is exactly the same water going back into the tank at the same temp. Also what's with the Ammonia in the tap water? Having just moved from the Gold Coast, I did not have that issue.
  12. I had no choice and had to empty the whole lot. One of the beams on the racking stand slipped out and I had to take all the weight off.
  13. I had a bad day... I had to shift two tanks a little and pretty much emptied 100% of the tanks to do so. When I filled the tanks back up, all the fish went into shock (sat on bottom of tank and rolled on side). My electric yellow fry died, but the rivs made it. Naturally I am very **&@@ annoyed at myself for the electric yellow fry dying as they looked really good. Originally I thought it might have been temperature shock (tanks about 23ish, tap water 27 in hindsight). The rivs all recovered after about 30min, however I had to do another water change (I said it was a bad day). They all went into shock again!! So I thought this rules out the temperate issue as the tank was the same as tap water. I tested the tap water for ammonia and it is about 0.5ppm. But still, if I filled the tank up with the same water just 30min prior, why would this shock the fish again? Any help appreciated.
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