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  2. Well thank you everyone for all the input. Certainly puts my mind at rest and I know more than I did. I haven't added any extra's onto to it so I will just wait and see. Froggies can get in and out and Toadies shouldn't be able to. The toads will just have to go find other places to go and do their nightly laps. I certainly appreciate everyone's help. Cheers Guys
  3. Hmmn. I'm looking at getting a mesh cover tomorrow so that should sort them out. By the time I've finished toad proofing this container they will not only need to pole vault to get on it but learn how to use wire cutters to get in lol. Might add another layer or two of bricks to the height just to frustrate them either further.
  4. Thanks for the offer Tristan. If you a little closer to me I'd take you up on that for sure. And yes, The poison glands I knew about but just didn't know if the toad was maybe stressed and releasing anything into the water that may hurt the fish so I wanted to be safer rather than sorry later. Cool info about the rainbows. Never knew they did that. I've now changed the container to a much bigger/higher storage container, I think it's one of those 5o litre or so ones and have put it on top of two rows of bricks to add to the height. They'd have to be seriously desperate and cleaver to get into it.
  5. Yeah I think some cane toad collection nights are on the cards. Going to go and build up some brick pillars and make them high enough that they're going to need to learn to pole vault if they want to get in. So annoying to have to compost the duckweed but what can you do. Lesson learnt.
  6. You're probably right. Won't hurt the garden but would hate to lose the fish. Thanks for the advice. Off to the compost heap it goes.
  7. Went to collect some duckweed out it's container this morning and found a dirty big cane toad doing laps in the container. I was getting it to feed to the goldfish but now I'm not sure if I should. Have rinsed the weed off and put it in some clean water but I wouldn't mind some advice on if I should. Worse case scenario is chucking it on the compost heap and starting the regrowing process.
  8. Put the container into the fern house and although there isn't a magic bloom of duckweed it looks nice and green and no excess algae. Guess the goldfish will have to bide their time for the next duckweed treat.
  9. I did try that but the algae was taking over and I just wanted to give the fish some additional weed to munch on. I thought that maybe someone may have an over abundance of it and would like to get rid of some.
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  12. Just wondering if anyone local to greenbank may have a bit of excess duckweed that they'd like to get rid of? I have a little of it but the fish eat it so fast that it doesn't get much of a chance to regenerate and keep up with their appetite. Thanks Kim
  13. I will occasionally go in to Pet Barn to get something and I will be in the area, but not as often as I used to. I support the local bird life (finches etc) and used to buy bulk seed from them. They had a good brand and it was clean seed. They decided to stop stocking it going to a more expensive, dirty crappy version so my money and I went to City Farmers and found a new supply, just as good, ok price and I was happy. BUT, then as you have read they are all now pet barns and no longer stock the brand I frequently bought, went to the same crappy dirty more expensive seed that stopped me from buying their bulk seed in the first place! So yet again my money and I walked!!! AOA for Fish Items, Park Ridge Produce for Bird Seed and Vet N Pet Direct at Jimboomba for Parrot Pellets, Feeder Cricket Food & Treatments for the Parents cat. All places I can get to easily and that sell better products and for a better price. By going to Vet N Pet Direct for the Cricket food and Parrot Pellets & Advocate for the kitty cat I saved more money and travelled less distance than any pet barn rewards points system could offer. Sorry Pet Barn but you have lost my vote.
  14. Beautiful tank. Very calming and peaceful. I love tanks like that.
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