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  1. Those stripe one look to be either L066 or L333. nice little catties
  2. Nice Mobas mate. Beautiful colour in those Males.
  3. Hi just wondering about the culls of your black cs what price are they? Thanks jake

  4. Nice female Panda you have there. She's a beauty
  5. That larger one has great patterns. Have you found that some don't have strong markings? I have seen a few at almost the 5-6cm mark and the pattern wasn't as prominent as that larger on in your video. How big are they now?? Have you had any luck getting any more from further spawns?
  6. Happy birthday - not too many Vodka's or tomorrow may not be happy. LOL

  7. Thanks Frinkie, going tomorrow and didn't even know. You saved me a lot if trouble.
  8. Awesome Pictures Nolan. They are great little Sunkists you have there. The colour on the girl is very nice. I have a few that are also berried atm.
  9. You kids are all over it
  10. Looks Great Zane. Can't wait to see plants and shrimp in there. Cheers
  11. Cabinets always look great with a Hood to match. If your getting quotes from Mick on tanks get a price on a cabinet. Mickstanks.com Cheers
  12. Have always used mick down the cost. I have used him to build all my systems and sumps. You can't go past the quality or price. He'll do any custom size also. Well worth the trip to the coast. Mickstanks.com
  13. If you ever get down the coast this guy will be able to help you out. mickstanks.com
  14. g'day fella, was told that you have some l134 juvies for sale, if theres anystill availablecan you give me a price and size on them, cheers

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