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  2. Threw that filter in the bin problem solved.
  3. hahahahaha forgetting to take out of plastic wrapping. Are you saying it was working well for 9 months and suddenly not for the last 2 months? Yeah the filter was fine for 9 months and suddenly for last 2 months not working.
  4. The intake and outlet tubes running to the canister are filling up with detritus it's filthy. Meanwhile all the media sponges etc are squeaky clean no waste on them at all. I have been fiddling with this filter for almost 2 months now. Had it for over 11 months, clean it monthly and know how dirty it should get but there is literally no waste for the past 2 months in any of my sponges or other media.
  5. yes sadly all the rubber seals are in their proper position.
  6. Hi hoping someone can help me with my canister filter. Problem I am having is the water is going into the canister filter and coming back out the other end but the water is not passing through any of the canister filter media trays. The trays and holes etc all seem to be lining up the same as usual and I can not see any damage has me dumbfounded please any help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi everyone just got home from a weekend away to find that my eureka red has a huge lump on one side of his body. I attempted to take a photo of it so i could post it but u can not see the lump in the photos so sorry no photo. Would anyone have an idea what it is and what i should do? The lump is about the size of a 2 dollar coin and is located on the centre point of the right hand side of body. It does not appear to be a wound and the fish appears to be behaving the same as it always has. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  8. was hoping to spend up to $300 max but am willing to go higher if necessary especially if it gives nice results.
  9. 7ONKY would love to see some pictures when you finish your lighting. I was thinking of giving something like that a go but i know I am always struggling to find time so it would end up being one of those projects that never even gets started let alone finished.
  10. Hi I am after some advice from someone who has african cichlids and has played around with their lighting. I have a 4 foot tank and at the moment i am using T5 lighting 2 tubes one is tropical (pink) and other tube says sunlight. I have all different colored fish in my tank. I am just not liking my lighting right now my fish look ok but I am wondering will the coloring show up better using led lights and give more of a shimmer? Would I be best going for an led that is just blue and white or should i get led lighting which has full spectrum for my cichlids? I was looking at the aqualina light at age of aquariums Age of Aquariums - Aqualina Slimline Led 48inch So if anyone has any advice or recommendations it would be greatly appreciated Thanks.
  11. Oh wow that would be so awesome. I love going into your store best place I have been. Everyone really knows their stuff and just bend over backwards to help in any way possible. The only fault I find is with my own brain continuously singing the song age of aquarius whenever I think of Age of Aquariums, it can go on for hours LOL. Ahh be quite brain no more singing. I wonder if anyone else will now have the same problem as I?
  12. Damn $39.95 for 2 litres of this stuff. Can't wait to hear what ppl think of this and see what other stuff they will be releasing.
  13. Thanks for the advice Mitch86 and the cichlid kid. So I bought the Jaqno Aquarium Tank 1 5L External PRE Filter PF126 BHX | eBay It's going to be awesome will free up more space in my canister filter. Love the fact that it is clear might add some macropore with all the extra space. That magiclean hose is an awesome product kinda tempted to buy one simply because it looks better then my cloth on the end of a coat hanger.
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