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  1. i think your algae is a lack of co2 problem,As you have a hob filter the surface is creating good oxygen exchange but at the same time the co2 would not be staying in the water column long at all,rather escaping out quickly so basically your wasting your co2.For that kind of set up liquid co2 would be better,imo
  2. co2 on one hour before lights come on and off 1 hour before lights go off
  3. like this but all white lights and two fans http://www.aliexpress.com/item/15-CLIP-ON-LED-LIGHT-38CM-clip-lampEVO-Quad-Saltwater-Coral-Reef-Cichlid-LED-clip-on/32307210556.html
  4. no liquid carbon,just ei dosing and not to sure on light ,got it off gumtree has a yank plug with a adapter but i think its a green element evo something or rather,plant is ludwigia glandousa
  5. tanks is around 6 months old ,the led is a green element clip on containing 20 three watt leds which are fan cooled
  6. seriously thinking that after 20 years of saying im going to give salt water a crack that i will,has anybody had experience with a red sea 130d system?
  7. http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/11-fertilizers-water-parameters/144824-water-change-obsession-vs-not-changing.html i ei dose and do 50 percent a week to stabilize parameters i personally believe that it is essential to do i a planted tank i find it also brings on a more dense pearling
  8. Thanks Mick probably been running since around may this year I have to trim weekly have also made a few changes to the plants also the carpet on the right is only a month old
  9. sorry for pic quality only taken with phone cam
  10. will put up a shot tomorrow of a pic i took yesterday mate
  11. your plants at the back look stunted to be honest mate i have no doubt that the lights work well for you as these lights would probably be ok for a low tech set up with low tech plants but when it comes to a true plant light these lights just don't cut the mustard,im assuming that the algae is just a matter of wrong lighting vs kelvin temperature for light dependent plants,i also noticed when i had these lights that the circuit boards where poorly manufactured as i don't think they were earth properly as even when switched off the blue lights would come on when the fixture was held the right way
  12. lights definitely are not the only thing ,ferts ,co2 and photo period are factors,the plants that you mention are very undermanding in lights ,but the simple fact is the kelvin rating and the led quality are just wrong in these lights pure and simple
  13. Good luck mate, but I still say the petworx lights are rubbish
  14. What a stupid and pointless exercise
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