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  1. Cheapest place to get pleco caves

    Im chasin about 10 caves for some of my l201s l333s l397s l134s and pepps. Also some suggestions on sizes. I currently use odd sized ones but was thinking of 12 x 5 x 2.5cm
  2. 2 x green severum

    2 x 20cm green severums $25 each Located wakerley
  3. 2 x firemouths approx 10cm

    I have 2 x firemouth cichlids for sale. Both probably male $40 for both or $25 for 1 Located wakerley
  4. Up for sale is my beautiful paratilapia polleni he/she is 20cm ish and living in a community tank. Located in wakerley $50
  5. Multifasciatus shell dwellers

    Yeah sure do. Message us on 0402859342 if your keen
  6. Multifasciatus shell dwellers

    Yeah sure do. Message us on 0402859342 if your keen
  7. Fire Red Shrimp

  8. When is the next fish auction

    Who knows when the next fish auction is and where?
  9. QLDAF Future

    Unsure how it all works. But could the library be backed up and sister site be created?
  10. Multifasciatus shell dwellers

    Multifasciatus shell dwellers for sale Nice blue eyes. Very peaceful fish Sub adults $20 each or 6 for $100 Located in Wakerley
  11. Fire Red Shrimp

    Fire red shrimp $5 EACH Min size: 10mm Located in Wakerley Postage to most locations available for $20 Postage is via australia post and is double kordon bagged in polystyrene box.
  12. Q F A S Super Auction Saturday 21st APRIL

    Yay fish buying time
  13. Shrimp shipping boxes

    Where does everyone buy their shrimp shipping polystyrene boxes from? And how much are you paying?
  14. possible feral cichlid population

    Could be pearl cichlid
  15. Shrimp quality

    The guy at the store said its the latest gadget on the market.