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  1. Does anyone want to have a crack at venting my frontosa?
  2. Im chasin about 10 caves for some of my l201s l333s l397s l134s and pepps. Also some suggestions on sizes. I currently use odd sized ones but was thinking of 12 x 5 x 2.5cm
  3. Who knows when the next fish auction is and where?
  4. Unsure how it all works. But could the library be backed up and sister site be created?
  5. Where does everyone buy their shrimp shipping polystyrene boxes from? And how much are you paying?
  6. The guy at the store said its the latest gadget on the market.
  7. Can anyone identify the quality of a some of my shrimp which I bred. Ive slowly gotten them to a color and shape i liked but wonder if im wasting time or what. They are solid black with solid white line running head to tail some woth red eyes some black. Opinions are welcome. And as a side note if they are worth anything. Sorry for the rubbish picture from my potato
  8. Well I learnt a very unusual thing today about my F1 Burundi Frontosa's, it seems that they really hate my air sponge filters. About 2 weeks ago I moved my seven Burundi from their 850 litre tank to a very cramped holding tank of about 400 litres, and ever since that day they have all been very pissed off with me spending the whole day hiding and eating very little. I just assumed that they were pissed off with the move and cramped living space, until today when I removed the additional filtration (sponge filter) which was only in there while the sump got up and running incase of any loss to bacteria after the move. Almost instantly the frontosa came out of hiding and are now all swimming around the tank as normal... Im amazed, has anyone else seen something similar?
  9. Well im getting there slowly.... still need a sump and awaiting my new 250 x 60 x 60 tank for the top. Once the new sump arrives the water level can go up and the americans can move to the tank on the right.
  10. Hey all just wondering at what age everyone puts their mbuna juvies (demonsoni and hongi) back in their community tanks (electric yellows, hongi and demonsoni)
  11. Just thought i would make a few people jealous by saying after 2 solid months of asking my wife for a dedicated fish room i can say ive won. Now comes the moving of all my tanks into one room, although most i can manage there is one tank that will need multiple people to move... its a 180 x 60 x 80 tank. So in saying that does anyone know anyone that moves tanks or anyone willing to help (payment in beer, plants or even some fish or shrimp)
  12. After 10 odd years of serious fish keeping im thinking about algae magnets. From memory as a kid 30 odd years ago they were terrible things that fell off all the time or scratched the glass. Im guessing things have gotten better since then but how much better.... Who swears by them. Who hates them. And if they are good what brand. Cheers
  13. Dfishkeeper. Its unfortunate really because thats whats happening more and more. I find it hard to find like minded people that i can trust in the hobby. Its a real pity and as said earlier it holds it back from thriving
  14. Ill just add that this isnt people saying stuff to me but more relates to people bad mouthing others behind their back. But yes your right
  15. Why is it that our hobby is plagued with haters and know it alls that feel only there opinion is valid.... im so sick of it. It seems everyone thinks they know best and that other breeders are oh so wrong, they do this and they do that....blah blah blah. What rubbish... stop being haters and pushing people out of the hobby.
  16. Im looking at building a tank rack that I can stack two 6x2x2 tanks with a sump underneath. Roof height is only 2.4m. has anyone done this? and if you have was the access enough? I'm guessing it would only leave me with about 20cm for cleaning which seems way too small as all my tanks have minimum 40cm above them right now.
  17. Im planning to consolodate my tanks and create a fish room. But im not sure if I should go bigger tanks and less of them or smaller tanks and more of them. My current situation is a mismatch 1 tank at 180 x 60 x 80 own sump 2 tanks at 80 x 60 x 25 5 tanks at 30 x 60 x 40 1 tank at 120 x 45 x 45 1 tank at 120 x 60 x 45 My idea 1 tank 180 x 60 x 80 own sump 3 tanks at 180 x 60 x 60 on the same system as 5 tanks at 30 x 60 x 40 all sumped. Or 1 tank at 180 x 60 x 80 own sump 5 tanks at 120 x 60 x 45 with 3 at 30 x 60 x 40 all sumped Added mention - im currently keeping L numbers, mbuna, frontosa, sailfins, angels, severums, guppys, shrimp, multifasciatus and a planted tank. But would be keen on a flowerhorn and some larger south americans.
  18. Whats everyones method for quarantine tanks and new fish. Mainly large fish/stingrays. Its an easy solution with small fish because you can just use any old tub and a small filter but with rays they are much larger and produce huge amounts of ammonia which means its difficult to keep a suitable sized aquarium spare with a good enough sump full of cycled media. Keen to hear what everyone else does.
  19. just as a small comparison my 1000 litre tank with dual laguna 3000 ltd per hour pumps (from memory about 60watts each), 600 watt worth of heaters and 50 watts worth of lights costs on average $2 per day with ambient temps of about 21 degrees im guessing the reason the pump you have is 2 hp but only 12000 ltr is because its for irrigation, designed to move water long distance with big head heights also when you do the math your heater isn't on all day unless you want boiled fish
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