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  1. Thanks Robert. It might be a little far for me but i'll keep that in mind while looking.
  2. Hey guys, Im after for some cardinal or neon (preferably cardinals) tetras to put in my discus tank. Does anyone know any breeders near my area who sells them. Looking to buy at least 20. Cheers, Aravind
  3. Thanks for the awesome feedback guys! Really got me thinking. Lol i dont think i hav the skills to make my own filter so now i guess it comes to either the power of the otto which comes to alnost 6 times my tank volume! At the same category the ehiem comes to 3x my volume and both have similar filter volumes. Tough decision! I think the votes stand at 2 ehiem and 1 otto. :S
  4. Hey guys just thinking of getting an external canister filter for my 4ft. Donny actually suggested either one of these beasts - the OTTO PF300G and the Ehiem Classics. Never used any external filters before. Have you guys had any experience in either one if these? What works for u guys and any favourites/tips/suggestions? . Cheers!
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  6. hahah true i better start moving my neons. congo tetras look pretty cool almost lyk rainbows!
  7. Thats awesome. I think i should start with some rams and Geophagus love their colour. And if wasnt for their nature i would have all different types of tetra in there.
  8. Sweet as. Always wanted Bolivian rams and torpedo barbs. Saw some at the lfs but a bit pricy espicially for buying more than a couple.
  9. Just had a look at the tank can't seem to find this guy anywhere! I'll let him go for now and spare his life. Btw found out these guys eat algae and won't hurt the plants so in a way hes good to stay.
  10. I got some from city farmers but also recently got some through watfish here on the forums. Im guessig its one of them lol honestly have no idea.
  11. Hey guys what are some of the tank mates that go well with angelfish. In particular some of the larger species, any other cichlids, tetras, etc? Have u guys had luck with particular species. Keen on an oscar but waay to big but heard people had success with angels and oscars before. I have a 4ft tank with a few angels, few plecos so the tank is quite empty atm. Also have a few neon tetras but gonna move them later on.
  12. Ohh boy time to find this guy then! Man For a snail this guy is really fast!!
  13. Thanks guys and Should i be worried? So far only seen this guy in the tank, im guessing he got a free ride with some plants recently got.
  14. Hey guys just saw this guy on the bottom of the tank. I have no idea what type of snail it is but looks cool though . Do you guys know what it is?
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