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  1. Great to meet you thisarvo mate, great bloke easy to deal with cant wait to get down and see your shop!

  2. Just an update The female that was due to spit out her fry spat 8 babies on friday! i take it that is a fairly good brood size? cheers ben
  3. hey guys thanks very much for all the advise. ATM my tank is setup far to natural and rocky to be able to catch them with ease. my biggest female is only about 7cm tops and shes has 4 in her mouth as we speak just waiting for her to spit them for good, she keeps suking them back in! cheers ben
  4. ahh i see so i would be better of having a nersery tank so i can just catch her out and put her in there. will have to look into that thanks for the advice
  5. my females are only 7-8cm tops! nd they all have bred and held full term no worries they seem to be quite happy!
  6. hey all just wondering what most tropheus breeders get in a mouthfull per fish? in the last 2 months ive had 2 mouthfulls and the first female only managed to spit 2 fry and the second one just spat tonight with 4? results and opinions welcome? Cheers Ben
  7. tanks and fish look great! i have one of those big white canisters on my 5x18x2 and its great with the uv light built it! when you do your black background i wouldnt recomend aanything shit it give of to much glare especially in photos, i think black cardboard is the bes, or you could paint the backs mat black? cheers ben
  8. hey mate yeah i have 7 but they are only about 8mm soo in about 5 years when they are 4 cm ill sell em Current fish i have:- - 8 Tropheus orange bembas(breeding colony) + 2 fry - 15 Tangerine Pecocks - Breeding trio of Gold Cheek Comps - trio of firefin comps - Breeding trio of calvus - 1 Eretmodus cyanostictus(orange fin Goby cichlid) - 5 Tropheus Red Morilo PS. looking for orange bembas and 1 more goby cichlid please help me out enjoy the pic BEN
  9. Hey all quick few pics of my garage setup will put up a few more later thanks for looking
  10. thanks for the help so faar guys i had to ecome a member in ace and because im a new member it wont let me contact anyone :\
  11. Hey all i am looking at buying some tropheus from melbourne or somewere like that. just wondering if anyone has any contacts or listd and prices or anthing to help me out. cheers ben
  12. Wow these are stunning! i have never ever seen these before! have they been around for long? cheers ben
  13. ahh yess well i plan on breeding only the best quality ones so if i get some that arent that nice orange ill find some more! cheers mate. thanks for the advise
  14. Thanks mate. What do you mean by good quality ones??
  15. Thanks for the input guys! i think i like the Tangerines the best! does anyone know were i can get any from? i thinnk ill get 20 cheers ben
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