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  1. U will need a few smaller logs , pvc pipe they like tight fits and an end of the log dont run your light at all. And like yoshi said drop the temp and do cold changes. The more tight dark places you have the better your chance feed them a bit more often then you usually would
  2. i dont care what any one says i like goldies they run my 6 footer and my cichlids are in me 4footer
  3. Give billabong and h20 babies a call they each had a handfull yesterday
  4. very nice mate a bit jealous
  5. very nice mate , good set up ideas you have me thinking ahhaha
  6. where on earth is deadbank plains? lol if it is close i am very keeeen
  7. even in a 8 footer you may still have the same problem
  8. not sure about the top one but the rest are albino and peper
  9. they always look good with a decent light and keep it micky mouse
  10. how did u get them to breed ? i have a few myself but they just dont seem interested
  11. id be caeful sharinga tank with those fish even if they grow together they will be dominant toward each other even in a 8 footer
  12. cheers yosh always good to read up on things to make sure im doing it right
  13. and how much would he be wortth?
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