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  1. Forgot to mention, have got the flakes now. Awesome turn around time (payment vs posted), decent communication, will buy from in the future! Thanks sponsor for the painless transaction.
  2. Apologies, I thought I posted in the specific sponsor section (IE. Aquaholics Online ) and made the assumption that any post in this section is meant it is for this sponsor. Next time I will specifically mention, I am asking sponsor
  3. Hello, Do you know when you might have the Aqua One Goldfish Flake Fish Food 3.5kg Bucket Bulk in stock? Cheers, Yots.
  4. Anyone from Sunnybank or sunnybank hills area going? I cannot make it but would love to get some White Clouds!
  5. Awesome, eagerly waiting for the photos and the awesome specimens
  6. How did the trip go? Did you guys get much in terms of catches?
  7. Hey guys, Just wondering if any of you know the opening hours of the pet centre? Especially today.... Cheers, Yots.
  8. $14 for 4/5 is pretty good if they are crystal red shrimp.. Hope some pop up for the up coming brissy one then. Anyone have any idea of the breeder's contact details? Thinking of giving him a buzz (call) and see what he currently has.
  9. $14 each? :boggle: Hrmm.. ok thanks for the info.
  10. Hi guys, Seems I missed it again Can someone tell me if any loaches and or shrimps turned up and a rough idea on how much they were bought for? Cheers, Yots.
  11. Ok sounds good, I will definitely try to clear out any activities for the day then. Thanks.
  12. Hello, I have posted this in another forum a while ago and some people find it useful. Maybe it is useful for you as well. You may want to try out one of the following.... Rhodorsil V2 Glazing Silicone Bostik Findley Construction 1200 Glazing Structural & General Purpose GE Silicones The $15 jobbie is likely the selley one.. which is grossly expensive when compare to the better stuff mentioned on top there and I have been advised that it contains a or some elements which is doesnt make it as good as the stuff above.. I have resealed 4 tanks so far, all done by meself and I can give you some handy tips if this is your first time... 1) make sure you have plenty of space, dont skip on space otherwise you will regret it.. 2) use plenty of masking tape (the second post at the end would give you the reason in using it) 3) when removing old sealant, glass safety blade handy to cut old sealants and a vacuum cleaner to suck it all out. Much cleaner 4) buy some cheap latex gloves from woolies or something (it could also be sold as food prep gloves, same thing). These will save the pain of trying to remove sealant from your hands later on 5) I use the iso alcohol called isocole? (the green dinosaur) they are the same thing but much cheaper than the piss bottle u get from bunnings 6) Use a generous amount of silicon, do not skim on this or it will come back and bite u in the ass 7) Give at least one week of cure time The tank you are doing are much better than the biggest one I did (3ft/90cm lenght is the biggest and the last one I have done so far) and that use almost a full tube, so you will likely need two tube. Practice makes perfect, the 3 ft tank took me a grand total of 2 hours after I learned from past mistakes (all of which I have listed on top as tips). Lastly have fun and make sure you take the time (except the part where you have to rip off the masking tape before the silicon skins) to do it properly the first time. Cheers, Yots.
  13. Hello all, New here and havent been to the GC Auction before (kept missing it ). Is it generally a fairly big turn out in terms of seller and buyer? Lastly anyone bringing Shrimps and or plants? Cheers, Yots.
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