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  1. Not sure if this has been posted before but anyway here it is. Simple way to remote login to your computer, ipad or spare phone as a webcam to check your tank/s while away using Skype. 1.Setup account i.e. Granttank01. 2. On the device your using as webcam. Computer, ipad or spare phone. Login into skype using selected tank account. 3. Settings. Change to automatically answer contacts video calls. 4. Setup camera to desired position. I've set mine up so i can view fish and could also tell if i have a pump failure. 5. Login to your personal Skype account on your phone. 6. Add contact names to both accounts. 7. Call your tank account i.e. i would call Granttank01 and test connection. 8. All done. Call your tank account or multiple accounts to check up on them.
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  3. ol cheapo 700w 2 stroke generator from bunnings or alike is they way to go. can pick them up for around $200 if you shop around. That way you can run a few pumps/filters and air blower.
  4. Did you get that discount before 1st july or after? Just asking because qld origin will refund 8% of anyone whom has been billed after that date due to the carbon tax reform. Just seeing if thats included. Cheers for the info too I will put the wind up em.
  5. Man just got my power bill oh well will have to stay up north for an extra day to pay for it. should of just let my dog eat him when he came around.
  6. Sponge roller will work fine. Acrylic paint is easier to remove down the track if you change color.
  7. Heros*sp. 'Tapajos' -*that's what the parents look like to me. Blue with red markings.
  8. I spoke to a mob of ebay last winter about these and what turned me away was the 5 degree variance in the setting. So if I was to set a 26 it wouldn't kick in until it was down to 21. I looked at your link and I can't recall if its the same one/brand. Just verify the settings with them first.
  9. I just got some clear flexible tubing that fits tight onto the sponge tube then heated the end up so I could stretch it over the bottle thread.
  10. Sad to hear. Hope your brother has a full recovery.
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