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  1. Summer land aquarium is selling all his fish out of the 10x4x3 tank go have a look if you are into large fish!
  2. Jaypee I saw those ones for sale on mfk, mine are from a different breeder in Sydney that specializes in breeding Leo's. The first in Australia I believe? I couldn't believe how cheep petermizzy was selling his for I payed three times that. Makes me think that his where Leomotoro x motoro???
  3. Ive got some photos but havnt had time to re size them for this site I can email or SMS some photos if some one could load them up hear for me?
  4. If your ever in Byron bay I've got some nice motoro x Leo rays, mantilla rays, datinoids,discus,horse head,orange head,and afra geos and etc
  5. I know 20L is a lot, trying to half fill my 40l pond filter with the best media I can. Any other suggestions of what to use?? It's for a ray tank so only the best for them. Nothing with metal trace elements I'm thinking???
  6. Looking to buy 20L of matrix has any one found any place Cheep to but in bulk?
  7. Why Freshwater Stingrays Die: Guide to Prevention Worth a read to all ray novice like me!
  8. Hi every one, I was looking on YouTube at some of amano's planted tanks tanks in particular his atlas angel tank "amazing" I got to thinking about what pond type plants you could have in a aquarium...? My thought where to remove the top part of my hood and hang some lights from the roof then find some plants that have there root system atached to some wood. I'm shore that you would have to condition the plants,wood etc before i did any think. I was going for a natural amazon look with living plants and ferns. I would have my rays,geos and a xxl school of neon tetras few extra bits of wood and some moss growing in the logs. I'd try to leave as much of the bottom of the tank free for the ray and geo's to sift the river sand for food buy placing the wood in a way so it's stacked and balanced up from the tank floor. Has any one else on hear tried any think like this before? What I have read so for amono's plants act like a filter also beneficial to the tank as well as looking amazing. Any suggestions on plant types to try? or do you know what type he uses? I was trying to stick to just using lighting and not co2 I'd love to hear every one else's thoughts good or bad? my tank is a 6x2x2.
  9. SAM

    Hey there love the tank, how do you keep you plants looking so good? What type of lights are you running? Cheers sam

  10. Hey mate do you use town water? I would check your phosphate levels and water hardness as they can creep up over time with the left over minerals? That was my conclusion arfter I had a similar problem...? Let us know how you go..? I'm converting to RO from now on!
  11. I also had a ray die recently and couldnt work it out ether, i would check your nitrate, and hardnes again they are very sensitive to any changes in the water. Also might be advised to age water and test it before you add it to the tank might be some think to do with the tap water...?Was the ray feeding properly before it died..? apparently thay starve them selfs when there sick..? Rayfanatics.com, or monsterfishkeepers.com have some additional info on Rays might be work a read.. good luck
  12. Probably a small buiessnes idear in this some how? Doesn't sound that hard to import some led light from china and mount them to something then add a switch..?
  13. Yeah that was mine for sale, been stuffed around three times buy three different people. I can't believe that no one seriously wants to buy a spoted gar? I have him in with some rays,geos,flag tails and datinoids ATM looks good I think. I was planing on getting some peacock bass in place of the gar??? Not shore now your tank looks grate!!! It's the best looking gar tank I've seen.
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