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  1. Having watched many an episode of Tanked and Fish Tank Kings I know exactly the approach you need. You need to get a moving truck first and foremost so you can hide people in the back to keep an eye on the shark. You also need to drive at night, probably from 10pm onwards, that will make the drive from Brendale to Brighton so much easier. I would probably chuck it in a large plastic tank, with a bubbler, and you should be fine.
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  3. I could be well off the mark with this one, but I think there are a number of other benefits to having a filtration system. The most important (possibly more-so in a planted tank?) would be the circulation of water / water currents. Unless you're going to introduce a wavemaker (which would defeat the purpose entirely) I would hedge a bet that there will be a few problems from the water essentially just sitting there without movement. But I could very well be wrong!
  4. Thanks [MENTION=7573]Paul13[/MENTION]. I won't name the supplier out of respect for the forum sponsors, but they're an Up Aqua Pro-Z LED. I have been really happy with them but keep in mind I am using 2 of them - at approximately $140 a pop. I would recommend them, but I can't really comment on their longevity having only owned/used them for less than 3 months.
  5. Hey guys, little bit of a progress picture. The tank is coming along nicely but I really need to stop procrastinating and order some Iron and Trace minerals, I am going crazy with the lack of reds in my Rotala! I am pretty happy with how it's all coming along, algae has largely subsided bar the brown dust and some thread algae. Gave the HC it's first trim today, but I haven't trimmed anything else yet. I want to let some of the other stems catch up to the H'ra and then give them a good hack and replant some tops to fill it out a little bit more. I am also thinking of moving all of the macrandra (and colorata I think?) to one side, and letting the Bacopa sp. "Japan" just fill out the middle for a bit of flow. Also a couple more cherries in there now, but I am saving up for some Sterbais and Ember tetras. I doubt I will get them before uni starts back though, but I am happy just to let the shrimp proliferate for now! 06/02/14
  6. 28/01/14 I am pretty happy with how rapidly everything is growing after a week of being planted, but it looks like I need some more Iron to get the vibrant red/orange colour out of my Rotala sp. "H'ra" that I want. But I am also thinking that it could just be that some of the plants are growing their first submersed growth and maybe it won't be red for a little while. Still combating a little bit of brown algae but I think it's subsiding with the cycle and the glut. I threw 2 cherry shrimp in and they're doing fine (so far) so hopefully I will be getting some fish in there over the next couple of weeks. I am really keen on some Boraras brigittae (Chili Rasboras) but they're near impossible to find so I might just settle for Ember Tetras or something similar I like the look of. I also decided I want a small school of Corys and I am intending to get probably 6-10 Corydoras sterbai if I can get them at the right price - otherwise it might just be some julii or something else that catches my eye for the right price. That will probably be it for livestock, some cherrys in there too.
  7. This to this in 2 days. Ok well, it's not THAT impressive, but I am still pretty happy with almost an inch of new growth on some of the plants, and a bit of the algae finally clearing up. I will reallllllyyyy have to find the SLR and take some decent photos soon, it's pretty hard to get detailed shots with a Samsung mobile! Also does anyone know if I can get powdered trace ferts / iron etc from a supplier at all? I have my macros-a-plenty but I am thinking I might need a fair bit of iron going into this setup and all I really have at the moment is the Chelated iron in the Tech Den's Glut - and I figure more is better
  8. Hahaha cheers, it does photo better than it deserves I doubt it will actually stay that large because I think I am going to need some more midgrounding plants if the Rotala sp. "H'ra" doesn't form a carpet like I want it to. If this is the case then I will just rip up some of the carpet, maybe go with some UG, DHG or even HM to transition it a little bit better. But for now I just want to see how it grows and then go from there.
  9. Here's an update guys - just finished planting the new stems so it's a bit messy at the moment. The tank is less than ideal at the moment, in part due to not having any CO2 for 2 days which has encouraged a bit of algae on the glass. I am getting it (and a backup cylinder) filled today, so that should fix itself pretty soon. My dry ferts have arrived too, a kilo each of potassium nitrate and potassium phosphate, might buy some more trace today too. I killed a lot of my thread algae and possibly the blue green too by dosing hard with Glut, and I will keep it up until the end of the week I think. I love the plants I got, but I am not 100% sold on how I positioned them. But that's the beauty of Eco-complete, I can uproot and replant pretty easily. But I will let it grow out at least once before making any rash decisions. Cheers guys, Mark.
  10. A bit of a comparison: 09/01/14 [ATTACH=CONFIG]44816[/ATTACH] 16/01/14 [ATTACH=CONFIG]45198[/ATTACH] Edit - I must add too that even I am somewhat chuffed with how quickly that HC is coming along under the LEDs. I had it originally in my smaller scape with a similar depth of water and it grew nowhere near as quickly under 4 x 24W T5HO lighting (with a combination of Gro-lux and Sylvania 6500K bulbs).
  11. Actually here's a picture - I know threads are useless without pics haha. But it's a little bit shameful, I hate posting less-than-ideal photos! All part of the journal I guess!
  12. A bit of an update - no pics for now though. The HC is spreading quite well, probably 1/2 way or more to a carpet now which is promising. The Blyxa is doing well too, however one of the plants seems to have died and I am unsure why. For a week or so I have been dealing with every scaper's worst nightmare - the dirty algae. I have had a bit of brown algae, green dust algae, blue-green "algae", brown thread algae and a few others I am sure. It's probably because I put a bit of fishfood to kickstart the cycle, and the combined with 12hours lighting probably tipped it. I have cut back the lighting to about 8 hours, with CO2 starting an hour beforehand. I also have a litre of Glutaraldehyde on it's way from the Tech Den to start overdosing the tank, and hopefully kill the rest of the algae. I ordered my stems from LCA yesterday, so they should be arriving early next week - which will further help with the nutrient elimination. I will try and get some photos up when they're planted because I ended up going with a few different plants instead of the couple I mention. I ended up ordering Limnophila aromatica, Bacopa sp. "Japan", Rotala macranda sp. "Red", Rotala wallichii and Rotala sp. "H'ra". Those of you playing at home probably realise that's a lot of reds, which I hope will contrast nicely with the HC, Blyxa and be broken up a bit by the "Japan". Time will tell!
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  14. Haha only time will tell I guess Donny. It came in really healthy and good to go from Liverpool Creek, but I had to store it in my other tank while I grew my HC out - so I was a little worried that it might not prosper in non-CO2 conditions. I was pretty wrong and after about 2 weeks I ended up with about 16 plants from 9 or so. I can't imagine they wouldn't take, especially in the Eco-complete. But provided my plants are all healthier in this tank I might consider selling my cuttings this year, to make a little bit more money back on the hobby haha. Sure beats throwing them all on the compost! Edit - I forgot to add that I have good plans to experiment with the Blyxa before I put livestock in the tank, because I heard you can get some really nice colours provided you dose a LOT of Iron and trace.
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