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  1. Looking for recommendations for the best Aquarium to buy plants in Brisbane. Hopefully Northside.
  2. Hi Guys, I have a fully planted tank and I've been using a cheap set of Chinese (I think) gauges which have failed after 3 years. I have them connected to a Soda Stream bottle with an adapter which lasts me a couple of months. Can you give me an idea of a decent brand set of Gauges and approximate cost ? Pic of my stuffed ones attached here somewhere. Regards John
  3. Amazing what did you pay? and where would you get refilled? Looks like a great option I hired a 10kg bottle and it has been going for months but the quarterly cost is about $45 from memory.
  4. Never seen this before, went to an apartment and the guy had a small tank set up with a massive chain sword growing in it. To my surprise he had a Fire extinguisher on the floor feeding Co2 to the tank through a valve then to a diffuser in the tank. The extinguisher was clearly labeled Co2 only. Can you get them re filled? Novel idea though. Cheers Squidman
  5. Hi Aquatopiast, I took the plunge and purchased my discus about 12 months ago. I have about 9 discus in a 1800x600x600 heavily planted tank they are now between 90mm and 130mm in diameter. They were 50mm 12 months ago gee they grow quickly. There are only a few tetras in there as well and i find it difficult to control the algae with the full on CO2 system running at times. Be careful not to over feed I had a problem with nitrate levels so i installed an internal filter with Nitra-guard in it and the levels dropped to Zero after about 3 weeks and has stayed there ever since. Buying them in numbers and introducing the all together definitely has advantages. As the don't seem to pick on each other as much. I think i have more of an over feeding issue.
  6. I've got these two discus pairing up. Any idea what their prodigy will look like? Squidman
  7. Hi Guys, Want to build a couple of 20 gallon tanks to breed Discus. I've made tanks before but where is the best place to get the glass cheap? Thanks in advance Squidman
  8. Thanks Guys. Malachite Green 1ml per 80ltrs a day over 3 days then 1/3 water change and repeat. Sorted
  9. Hi Guys, I have just spent a long time trying to get my plants growing CO2 new Dula lights etc I was advised to lower the temp down to 24 deg as the plants would like it better. Now after a week i have the first sign of White spot on a few of my fish (Rainbows) they are in a 6' x 2' x 2' I have increased the temp to 28 deg but if i add salt i'm worried about harming the plants. I have some tri sulpha but i would need to add 17 tablets ?? and that may stuff my plants as well. Any ideas John
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