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  1. Thankyou Donny@ageofaqauriums, i know the risks involved and do have many tanks somif anything does happen i can fix it, it is an interesting tank ti watch and so far so good but as you have said anything can happen.
  2. My convicts have been breeding in there the whole time and no incidents, and the male red devil has lived with other fish his whole life ( 5 years) and i know there us always a chance of him killing something but for now i am satisfied he wont. They are all in an 8 ft tank so there is plenty of room. And all the fish seem happy and healthy, there has been no diseases so far and thry are all eating like theres no tomorrow so i don't see what the problem is.
  3. Hi guys i would like to know what you think lf my tank. It has: 1 large male red devil 3 female convicts and 2 male 1 male and 1 female electric yellow 3 silver dollars 1 rainbow fish 2 salmon tail catfish 1 large male peacock 1 large gold spot pleco Apple snails And a feeder goldfish that never got eaten They have all been togeather for a coupple of years now so i was very suprised by how there is no deaths or even fighting.
  4. Hey I have two red devil's males for sale if uiinterested

  5. Hi all i am going to pick up 100 sword tails in abut 2 weeks how big a tank would i need. I have toones od tanks up and running. I am going to be breeding them for my oscars and red devil and turtles.
  6. Ok thanks, how do i know when they are both ready will it be when he has stopped building the nest and starts to take more interest in the female?
  7. My red devil is a big wuss, i mean she has her days where she chases my convicts around but usially its the other way around.
  8. Ok thanks will do. He might be a little big especially with a 7 inch red devil.
  9. Ok thanks i had to move them to a better and bigger tank as the old one was in an awkward spot. Is this going to stress them out? He has started building a net again so is this a good indication that he is not too stressed out.
  10. Are the active or are they just going to hide all day and come out at night. Would a salmon tail catfish be a better choice for activity.
  11. Thanks i think i will go with donny@ageofaquariums idea they look cool and active.
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