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  1. I would post a pic of mine but you all put me to shame lol
  2. Looking at making my own stand and hoods. Searched DIY section with no luck can anyone lead me to a thread of one please
  3. Moved the caves and it appeared . Sorry thanks tho
  4. Not 100% what you mean by seeded filters but the canister filter and two internals come straight from old tank
  5. Well yesterday I thought setting up a bigger tank I could fast track it . Water tests where fine in other tank half filled new one topped it off with water from old tank . Figured it would be like a water change . But I was wrong nitrite spike
  6. Might just remove the rock caves i set up and see if I can find it ...
  7. It's weird cause I can't find it in there at all
  8. Hey I have a female sgt around 10 cm or so and two younger ones around 5-6 cm . This morning can only see one searched tank no where to be seen . Would the larger female have decided it was food ?
  9. Just bought a new 6x2x2 unsure on what to add already got an American tank . Thinking African just unsure of what ones
  10. Yeah I've got two younger ones in there around 5cm hoping they get along . Just not sure of I want to risk him killing her got home from work today he is still hunting her around the tank
  11. Hopefully she will be right overnight till tomorrow arvo so I can organise a divider . Does this mean I should move the male on
  12. Intorduced a male green texas and a female about 10 cm each . The male Is crazy he just chases her everywhere . Has anyone else had to deal with this and will she be fine ?
  13. I've got my spray bar sitting above top of my water level spraying onto the spray from my two otto internals
  14. Might have to invest in a new kit I'm not sure how old this is I was given it , I have a 6 foot tank with 4 small convicts 2 green terrors 2 sgt and 1 jd all around or under 5 cm . Two big internal filters around 1800lph each and an external aqua one nautilus 1400 . Tank is 6x1.5x1.5 , have only been feeding at night really one blood worm and pellets removing what's not touched
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