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  1. who know of any of the above? especially a male falv?
  2. Just saying hi

    @morgs202 what sort of synodontis do you keep?
  3. Whaaaat?

    anyone know what this sponge like substance is growing on plants in one of my tanks. is a 6x2x2 that is in front of a window that faces east and is screened. starts as a small spot then spreads had on wood and rocks but mainly on plants. l looks to have eggs in it but they always seem to be there with no real change.
  4. Current Hybrid Status

    Hopefully thats as far as it goes.
  5. about time for this thread to go to top. If anyone has some odd synos send me a pm and id be more than happy to talk about them. Also always interested in buying less common syno but am getting married this year so will be actively hunting for them after that. If youve seen any of above let us know. Cheers Adam
  6. know of small numbers of both fish. most interested in flavs anyone know of any
  7. cheer @l2h alot of money. ornantapinnis are a whole different debate. i dont think there are any pure in australia
  8. Clown Loaches.. Whos Bred them?

    a few wholesalers ive spoken to have tried but never produced enough for them to make a profit. i will also be attempting to breed them via hormone injection when it warms up
  9. Large catfish in Oz.

    hemibagarus get a decent size. also think picyus ornatus get about 30cm
  10. what key words are you searching. i didnt notice anything then and cant find anything now. Next time you notice something can you flick me a link?
  11. all leads have gone cold. anyone have any good news for me
  12. over 300 views on this thread and nobody seems to have any now. atleast the news of them being here is a hope. just need them to come up for sale if still alive.
  13. seems to be none around anymore and haven't been shown any proof to make me change my mind