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  1. I have had some problems with 1 tank of fish, the tank was well cycled after introducing a colony of hongi from a supplier I started experiencing deaths, at first I thought it was m/f ratio, so I bought more, then the food, then noticed the following symptoms skin lesions, mouth fungus, swimming at top of tank. within weeks I have lost 42 fish. From reading up on diseases I think it could possibly be columnaris introduced with new fish, no deaths occurred prior to introduction of these with no issues in other tanks.This was the response from the supplier does this sound right? From: ***************************** Sent: Wednesday, 11 May 2016 8:53 AM To: ******************** Subject: RE: Contact Form Hi ********* We still have the hongi and the kadango here in the shop andwe are not losing any.. We also have a microscope here because we look for diseasesand worms ect on customers fish for them when they request. We also treat oursystems here at work monthly with Kusuri as a precaution. I can't tell you where you got columnaris worms from butnone of them here are effected and its really easy to spot. We are only****************if you want to come have a look
  2. possible 2 males 1 female,its his first tank set up:yield:
  3. never owned these myself, a workmate bought these from petbarn on the weekend & doesn't know what they are, peacock maybe??????
  4. it is old all the silicon looks really good still, now u have me edgy as its in the lounge room:|
  5. ill keep an eye on it, whats it caused from never had it before
  6. just tried to scratch some off and yeh tangy its the styrofoam, must have got a bit wet during water change, but its right under towards the midle as well, checked glass and no leaks!
  7. So i fed my fish tonight and noticed a few patches @ double 50 cent size on the bottom of the tank,any one now what it is??
  8. mate ill let u know in the next couple of days

  9. thanks samo, wanted to be sure before i split them up, have 1 more in the tank that doesnt like cameras.
  10. looks like ill have to find a male syn.still waiting to find out about jags m/f ratio before i work out whatz bein sold.thanks all
  11. i have four jags @20cm+ starting to get to big for the tank,before i split them up or sell, not sure if i have males/females.anyone help without venting?hope the first pic is a pair,not sure on second pic. shane
  12. i didnt pay for it, was given to me buy a guy at work purchased from a pet shop. i hope it isnt "x" will have to decide what to do with it?
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