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  1. Just wondering if anyone breeds these im wanting to get some . cheers
  2. is the rear glass on your tank blacked out dreaming??
  3. yeah most of the ones im looking at have blue LED's aswel which will suit me best i think:)
  4. I never use to get algae in my tank untiL I moved house. Now I find myself scrubbing the inside of my tank every time I do a water change to get rid of the stuff . The only thing I can put it down to is the tank being in the garage and sunlight getting in even though I have blacked out the windows in the garage . I see a lot of these LED lights on the market come with blue LEDs assorted in the fitting also just no where near as many as the White LEDs so like you said trial and error.
  5. Thanks s1l3nt I will suss them out and have a look. Thanks for the imput
  6. What period of time do you have your tank lights on for pony-tail? I might stick away from a marine light if that's the case. Will daylight lights with a small amount of blue still cause the same problem or is it only for lights with a high blue output?
  7. Nah no plants just fish . I have had a look at the tech den site and saw he had a good range to choose from. I have bought stuff off the site a few times . I was just seeing what people had to say about Afew before I went and bought one:) The tank is 6*2*2 I'm not to worried about price if one is a little more expensive but gonna be better im happy to pay the bit extra. Adjustable brightness sounds pretty cool !
  8. I'm looking at upgrading from my twin 36w Fluro fitting to a LED light to save some power consumption. Will be used on a 6ft tank that houses frontosa and some gold comps . What can people recommend from personal preference?? Thanks
  9. aww ok i didn't realise it was hard to post photos on here. bummer.
  10. Surely other people have some pics of their tanks to show
  11. i have a col of 10 that will be going in and i will take that on board as they are at the size now where they wont fit in the holy rock due to size. i just liked the look holy rock gives. the 3d background looks good wade im gonna be putting one in this tank aswel:) cheers!
  12. Hey all I'm in the process of setting up my 6ft display tank for my fronnies. Whos running white substrate and Texas holy rock in there tanks? photos would be great so I can have a squizz:)
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Yeah there is plenty of places for them to hide. They are in a 5ft tank at the moment which ino is not ideal but am in the process of my 6ft almost ready to go which will be there new home . I have had successful mouthful before but perhaps it's a different female this time .
  14. hey everyone just wondering if anyone could shed some light on whats going on? it has happened twice now one of my females gets a mouthful of eggs and within a day or two they are not in her mouth no more. why does she spit them out?? cheers
  15. First of all hello to all i have been a member of this forum for a while now. I really enjoy the site but have never posted anything so i thought i would start by seeing is anyone can help me with my colony of 6 bar burundi's i have 2 m 5 f frontosa in a 5*2*2/5 sized tank with a couple of other fish eg electric yellows , gold comps My concern is all the fish get on great with one another its just my fronnies seem to hate each other! Everyone of them hangs out by themselves like loners and every time they come close to one another they fire up at each other then swim back to a distance. My dominant male swims around the tank giving everyone a hard time all day its starting to make me worried that one or 2 might die from being under constant stress. Why dont they group up, hang out together and get along? I have had 2 females have mouthfuls before so they do breed. i have a very rocky/cave aquascape so there are plenty of places for fish to hideout if threatened. Also have a 6*2*2 sized tank which i will be going to transferring them into when my stand is built but cause they are only 12-16cm and still growing i havent been in any rush. Do i need more in the colony?? maybe when i sexed them i mixed up females with males and the ratio is out?? if anyone can shed some light that would be great! cheers
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